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Dividend ETFs: Going Beyond The United States

by on September 5, 2012 | Updated September 24, 2012

Even with recent talks by the Fed calling for another round of stimulus for the U.S. economy, domestic investors are looking for a place to invest outside of the United States in the hopes of achieving more lucrative returns. These same investors may wish to consider adding dividend-paying stocks to their foreign assets, as this asset class holds major appeal in the current low-rate environment. Thanks to the evolution of the ETF industry, investors can now easily beef up their portfolio’s current income while at the same time improving overall geographic diversification. As such, below we outline 20 ETFs with little or no exposure to the United States that target dividend-paying companies [see also Monthly Dividend ETFdb Portfolio]:

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Better late than never. E*TRADE, the online brokerage that is perhaps best known for its commercials starring infant trading whizzes, has begun offering commission free trading on a lineup of exchange-traded funds. ETFs issued by Global X, WisdomTree, and db-X (Deutsche Bank) will be eligible for commission free trading on the E*Trade platform. That lineup includes about 90 ETFs covering a wide variety of asset classes, including currencies, international bond markets, dividend-weighted indexes, and commodity-producing equities. The most popular ETFs that are now available commission free on E*Trade include: [click to continue…]

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How To Find The Right Dividend ETF

by on January 21, 2010 | Updated November 30, 2012

Value investing is one of the oldest and most popular equity strategies, mastered by legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham and embraced by countless professional money managers and individual investors. The rise of the ETF industry has presented investors in pursuit of superior dividend yields dozens of options, each offering a unique twist […]