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2013 was another year full of record-low interest rates, prompting income investors to turn their attention elsewhere. For the past few years, dividend ETFs have been among the hottest in the investing space, as many individuals and institutions have sought the income stream these products offer. While a strong dividend is nice, receiving it from a security that lost ground during the year may not be enough to overcome the damage that was done. On the flip side, a dividend from a security that saw strong gains is an added bonus for many [for more ETF news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]. [click to continue…]

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5 Reasons Not to Flee Non-US Dividend Stocks

by on June 12, 2013 | Updated June 13, 2013

“Is it time to flee dividend stocks?” That’s what many investors are asking me amid the recent rise in bond yields.

My answer: Don’t abandon dividend stocks but be selective. I’ve long been advocating that investors searching for yield should look abroad for dividend income, and I continue to stand by that call. Here are five reasons why [For more ETF analysis, make sure to sign up for our free ETF newsletter or try a free seven-day trial to ETFdb Pro]:

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Dividend ETFs: Going Beyond The United States

by on September 5, 2012 | Updated September 24, 2012

Even with recent talks by the Fed calling for another round of stimulus for the U.S. economy, domestic investors are looking for a place to invest outside of the United States in the hopes of achieving more lucrative returns. These same investors may wish to consider adding dividend-paying stocks to their foreign assets, as this asset […]

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iShares continued to aggressively expand its ETF lineup last week with the addition of two new ETFs focusing on dividend-paying stocks in international markets. The iShares Emerging Markets Dividend Index Fund (DVYE) will combine two asset classes that have become tremendously popular in recent years, targeting stocks from emerging markets that deliver attractive dividend yields. […]

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