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The rapid expansion and development of the ETF industry has made it easy and cost-effective for mainstream investors to tap into virtually any asset class. And though there are many products out there that allow investors to add exposure to hyper-targeted markets, most utilize the investment vehicles as core holdings in their portfolios [see How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time]. [click to continue…]

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Dividend ETFs: Going Beyond The United States

by on September 5, 2012 | Updated September 24, 2012

Even with recent talks by the Fed calling for another round of stimulus for the U.S. economy, domestic investors are looking for a place to invest outside of the United States in the hopes of achieving more lucrative returns. These same investors may wish to consider adding dividend-paying stocks to their foreign assets, as this asset class holds major appeal in the current low-rate environment. Thanks to the evolution of the ETF industry, investors can now easily beef up their portfolio’s current income while at the same time improving overall geographic diversification. As such, below we outline 20 ETFs with little or no exposure to the United States that target dividend-paying companies [see also Monthly Dividend ETFdb Portfolio]:

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Examining International Dividend ETFs

by on October 19, 2010 | Updated November 8, 2012

With interest rates at record lows and expected to remain depressed for the foreseeable future, investors have been forced to get creative in their hunt for current return. Some have shifted domestic fixed income holdings along the risk/return continuum, seeking out more attractive yields from junk bonds. Others have ventured beyond the U.S. borders, embracing […]

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Over the last week, Europe has become the center of the investing world, as all eyes have focused on the ongoing Greek financial tragedy (see Six ETFs To Watch As The Greek Drama Unfolds). The proposed bailout package has been through countless iterations, as conflicting reports over the severity of Greece’s financial health have sent […]

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Following a meltdown in the U.S. financial markets that sparked a global recession, many investors have begun to question traditional asset allocation strategies that call for a significant weighting to American stocks. While emerging markets have seen huge cash inflows as a result of this trend, developed markets beyond North America have also benefited. For […]

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