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QE3 Is Here, What Do We Wait For Next?

by on September 15, 2012

Investors finally got what they wanted as the Fed confirmed the much-anticipated QE3 on Thursday. Bullish euphoria quickly spread all over the globe as investors cheered on Chairman Bernanke’s announcement of further stimulus; with the ECB moving forward with its own stimulus initiative, policymakers on both fronts have made their commitment to ensuring financial stability and ensuring economic growth quite clear. Moving forward, markets will once again rely on fundamental data releases to keep prices in check as stimulus hopes have been fulfilled so to say [see also 7 Simple & Cheap All-ETF Model Portfolios].

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Pressure On Fed To Follow

by on September 10, 2012

The bulls returned to Wall Street last week as the European Central Bank finally quenched the stimulus hopes of many. President Draghi announced the “open monetary transactions” plan which aims to ensure the financial stability of debt burdened member nations by giving the ECB flexibility when it comes to buying government bonds. This effort was well received all over the globe and the pressure is now on Chairman Bernanke to act; investors will keep a close watch on the Fed press conference this Thursday in hopes of an additional round of stimulus on the home front [see also ETF Technical Trading FAQ].

Weekly Outlook

Below, we highlight ETFs that may see an increase in trading activity as relevant market data is released and evaluated by investors:
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Once again markets traded in a tight range for the majority of the session, dipping in and out of red territory. A pair of mixed economic reports kept trading volumes at painfully low levels as investors weighed the latest news. For the first time in two years, U.S. home prices rose in June as more […]

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games have been a spectacle of fierce competition and a seemingly never-ending journey in pushing the limits of the human body. This year’s games, which began on July 27 and officially end on August 12, have effortlessly captured our attention as athletes from 204 nations have gathered to compete in 26 sports. With […]

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No News Could Be Good News

by on August 6, 2012

Better-than-expected payrolls data brought back the bulls to end yet another choppy week on a high note. With no major economic data releases due out this week on the home front, investors will surely refocus their sights on European headlines. After investors were let down last week following the ECB’s failure to introduce new initiatives […]

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A brutal quarter in the financial markets came to a close with a pop, rewarding investors who stuck with their risky asset allocations as stocks plummeted and no doubt frustrating those who recently made a move to safe havens. Not surprisingly, Europe was once again the catalyst for Friday’s rally, as investors cheered a rare […]

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Data Back In Focus As Stimulus Hopes Fade

by on June 25, 2012

Stocks fell victim to back-and-forth trading last week as stimulus hopes collided with concerning economic data on the homefront along with unresolved debt drama in the European currency bloc. The much anticipated FOMC announcement failed to provide the necessary kick-start to beat down equity markets as many had hoped for; instead it added to the […]

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Five Important ETF Lessons (Picture Edition)

by on April 30, 2012 | Updated July 9, 2014

Innovation remains a dominant and exciting theme in the ETF universe, although as with any financial instrument, with growth and evolution also comes increasing complexity and newly discovered nuances. The towering lineup of over 1,600 exchange-traded products is probably intimidating for many investors who are new to industry and aren’t exactly sure where (or how) […]


Volatility Is Still Lurking

by on December 5, 2011

Domestic equity indexes snapped out of their loosing streak last week as investor confidence in the markets improved after a robust start to the holiday shopping season. The bulls charged through Wall Street on Wednesday after a global central bank initiative to lower the cost of dollar funding through swap arrangements sent a wave of […]

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Caution, Bumpy Trading Ahead

by on September 5, 2011

Equity indexes crept up higher since the opening bell at the start of last week, although a grim jobs report on Friday quickly sparked a sell-off, with domestic equities broadly finishing in red territory for the week. The S&P 500 is now back below our outlined support at 1,200 and we advise stepping to the […]

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Beware Of A Dead Cat Bounce

by on August 15, 2011 | Updated August 18, 2011

Fear ran wild across every corner of the financial markets last week and nearly every asset class fell victim to brutally volatile trading. Friday was the only day during which the Dow Jones Industrial Average did not swing by more than 400 points, managing to regain some of the losses on Thursday and Friday and […]

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Precidian Funds, a New Jersey-based ETF newcomer, announced on Thursday the launch of the first U.S.-listed ETF offering exposure to the Nikkei 225 Index. The new MAXIS Nikkei 225 Index ETF (NKY) will seek to replicate the widely followed benchmark of Japanese stocks, often referred to simply as the Nikkei or the Nikkei Index. That […]

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