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What’s In A Name: A Look Inside ETF Tickers

by on February 3, 2010 | Updated June 12, 2014

Whenever a company prepares for a public offering, executives have been known to spend an inordinate amount of time choosing the combination of letters that will serve as the company’s ticker and often nickname within the investment community. To many, the fixation on selecting the perfect ticker seems like an irrational obsession on par with Patrick Bateman’s affinity for business cards. But there’s some evidence to support the idea that picking a clever ticker can be worth quite a bit of money. [click to continue…]


In its latest semi-annual review, MSCI Global Standard Indices announced that it will add 11 Brazilian companies to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index at the end of November, along with seven Chinese companies (one Chinese company will be deleted). This benchmark underlies iShares‘ MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund (EEM), the largest emerging markets ETF with a market capitalization of more than $35 billion. [click to continue…]

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Why You Need An Emerging Market ETF

by on October 9, 2009 | Updated April 29, 2013

Historically, most U.S. investors steered the vast majority of their equity holdings into domestic stocks, shying away from emerging markets because of their “excessive” volatility. But over the last few years, U.S. markets have experienced unprecedented turbulence and a prolonged downturn while many emerging markets have proved to be surprisingly resilient in the face of […]

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Emerging Global Advisors on Wednesday launched the Dow Jones Emerging Markets Financials Titans Index Fund (EFN), the first exchange-traded fund to offer targeted exposure to banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions in emerging markets. EFN brings Emerging Global Advisors’ line of products to four, with the other three including:

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Although the entire ETF industry has enjoyed a tremendous boom over the last year, perhaps no corner of the market has expanded as quickly as emerging markets funds. According to State Street’s industry snapshot, assets in international ETFs totaled about $28.6 billion at then end of June, representing an increase of 27.5% year to date. […]

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