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Emerging markets offer the potential for stellar returns during times of prosperity, however, they can also fall victim to rampant profit-taking when global markets encounter turbulence; at the first sign of economic uncertainty, emerging markets are usually among the first to sell off as investors scale back on risk exposure. Luckily, the expansion of the ETF universe has spawned several products that make it easy for investors to tap into lucrative growth opportunities overseas without incurring more volatility than they can stomach [see 1,400+ ETFdb Realtime Ratings]. [click to continue…]

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Signs Of Recovery

by on January 21, 2012

Stocks markets finished the week in bright green territory as investors rejoiced over encouraging developments in the Euro zone along with positive earnings surprises on the home front. The tug of war between the bulls and the bears continues however as quarterly performance results from industry giants were mixed across the board; Google and Citigroup both missed the mark, while Bank of America, IBM, and Intel surpassed analyst estimates. Better-than-expected jobless claims helped restore confidence and growing optimism in the economic recovery tipped markets higher throughout the week as bullish pressures prevailed.

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PowerShares, the firm behind the incredibly popular S&P 500 Low Volatility Portfolio (SPLV) has added two more products that employ a similar methodology in international stock markets. The new ETFs, the first launched by PowerShares in 2012, include [for analysis of all new ETFs, sign up for the free ETFdb newsletter]: PowerShares S&P Emerging Markets […]

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