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To say the least, the world economy has had a bumpy ride since the onslaught of the unprecedented financial crisis that rocked the world in 2008. Despite several glimmers of hope in the U.S.’s ability to bounce back, Euro Zone drama continues to take center stage as their seemingly never-ending and rather cyclical debt crisis continues to fester. It is no surprise that with the rather grim economic outlook for Europe, there is no shortage of bearish sentiment among investors surrounding European markets [see also Five ETFs For A China Bank Bubble]. [click to continue…]

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Last year was a good year for most asset classes, as investor portfolios continued to recover from the recent recession. The difference in performance between many comparable funds was significant, and many of the best performers of 2010 are relatively small funds that maintain considerably smaller asset bases than their more popular competitors. Below, we profiled the top performing ETFs in more than 60 ETFdb Categories covering all major asset classes. ETFs that launched in 2010 were excluded, as were those that stopped trading during the year [for more ETF insights, sign up for our free ETF newsletter]: [click to continue…]

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ETF Ideas For Deflation Defense

by on August 9, 2010 | Updated August 10, 2010

First, the good news: all those fears about runaway inflation following from the massive injections of capital into financial markets appear to have been overblown. Now for the bad news: the alternative may be much worse. For months wary investors have been eagerly watching CPI reports, fearful of the release indicating that price increases are […]

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The Definitive Inverse ETF Guide: Short/Bear ETFs 101

by on November 5, 2009 | Updated November 30, 2012

As the stock market continues to rise, seemingly running ahead of fundamentals, more and more investors are becoming concerned that the stocks are becoming overvalued, and that a downward correction may be just around the corner. While safe haven investments such as the U.S. dollar and gold are popular picks for investors looking to profit […]

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