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Throughout the past couple of years, investors have witnessed just how far and how deep the Euro Zone’s debt crisis has spread throughout the global financial market. As looming uncertainty and volatility continues to be a dominating force, many have flocked to their preferred “safe haven” investments, abandoning some of the more profitable and potentially lucrative corners of the market. And with many European countries on the verge of a double-dip recession, investors are seeing plenty of red flags warning them to stay away from riskier asset classes [see also 3 ETFs For A Euro Zone Double-Dip].

One segment of the market that has been particularly hit hard by the Euro Zone’s debt crisis is emerging market equities. Developing countries tied to the plagued region are struggling to maintain adequate growth rates and financial stability. A look at the 4-week returns of our ETFdb Emerging Markets Equity category paints a rather grim picture, with no single fund managing to stay out of the red. But there are some rather significant gaps between the various emerging markets ETFs out there; some have come close to breaking even, while others have shed close to 20% over a four week period.  [click to continue…]

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State Street, the firm behind the two largest ETFs, announced this week the addition of two new international equity funds to its product lineup. The SPDR MSCI ACWI IMI ETF (ACIM) will offer exposure to global equity markets, casting a wide net across both developed and emerging markets. The SPDR EM 50 ETF (EMFT) will focus specifically on emerging markets, targeting 50 of the largest companies from the developing world.

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