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March was a month of ups and downs, with the S&P reaching record highs and the European Union scrambling to clean up after the banking crisis in Cyprus. Small businesses and retail sales enjoyed a strong month, with positive effects spilling over into other areas of the U.S. markets. Investors were kept on their toes near the end of March, as the small island nation of Cyrus announced its plans to impose a tax on bank depositors, leaving many fearing that this drastic policy action could spill over to other nations in the currency bloc. With the addition of North Korea threatening war with every nation in reach, it’s no surprise that investors are ending March nervous and preparing for another market slowdown [for updates on all new ETFs, sign up for the free ETFdb newsletter].

After the rush of new products in the ETF space in the previous months, the introduction of four new funds in March may seem relatively slow, but the market is likely to pick up again due to the number of ETFs that where filed since the beginning of the year [see Free Member Report: How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time]. 

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ETF Performance: Weight Isn’t Everything

by on February 13, 2013 | Updated May 23, 2014

When it comes to choosing which ETF is right for you, one of the top considerations of many investors is how exactly the fund’s underlying index is constructed. Selection and weighting methodologies vary drastically from fund to fund, with the differences often making significant impacts on bottom line returns. Traditional market capitalization weightings were once the only game in town, but in recent years alternative-weighting methodologies have become more popular among investors who find flaws in a strategy that gives the most weight to the biggest companies [see Equal Weight ETFdb Portfolio]. [click to continue…]


Rydex, the issuer behind the ultra-popular S&P Equal Weight ETF (RSP), announced this week the introduction of two new ETFs that offer equal-weighted exposure to the S&P MidCap 400 Index and S&P SmallCap 600 Index. The new ETFs include:

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December continued the impressive wave of product innovation that has become expected of the ETF industry. Various issuers introduced first-to-market products and continued the impressive expansion of the exchange-traded product pipeline. After starting with a flurry of activity, product launches slowed in the second half of the month leading up to the holiday season. Still, […]

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Rydex, the Maryland-based ETF issuer best known for its equal-weighted S&P 500 ETF, announced today the launch of five new equal-weighted equity ETFs, including both domestic and international funds. Rydex’s growing lineup of equal-weighted ETFs offers an alternative to funds such as SPY or EEM that are linked to market capitalization-weighted benchmarks. Because cap-weighted indexes […]

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