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As 2013 begins it seems that the global economy can no longer do wrong. Markets have been bullish since the first day of the year, the European Union and the United States are starting to turn their banks and governments in the right direction, and on top of all of this China reported record manufacturing growth in the fourth quarter of 2012. As economies around the world start to get their financial legs back, leaders in consulting are expecting to see a huge trend towards manufacturing and infrastructure. Earlier this year, Deloitte highlighted some countries that may be sensible investments in the short and long haul [see also Favorite ETF Positions For 5 Super Investors].

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When it comes to diversifying your portfolio, many investors often overlook the dynamic economy of our Northern neighbor. Canada is home to one of the most commodity-intensive developed economies in the world, and its large natural gas and oil reserves make it one of the few net exporters of energy outside of South America or the Middle East. The country is also one of the leading producers of zinc, uranium and grains, along with a number of other commodities. But Canada is much more than just a resource-rich nation; the country is home to some of the most stable financial institutions in the developed world [see also How To But The Right ETF Every Time].

For investors looking to either make a bet on the Canadian economy or round out the international equity component of their portfolios, we outline nine ETF options to make a play on our neighbor to the North: [click to continue…]

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First Trust announced the introduction of seven new single country international ETFs, dramatically expanding its lineup of international equity funds. Each of the new ETFs will be linked to indexes that utilize the AlphaDEX methodology that is used in a number of existing First Trust ETFs. The new ETFs are: 

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