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Here is a look at the 25 best and 25 worst ETFs from the past trading week. Traders can use this list to find prospective candidates that have deviated too far from their longer-term trends, thereby serving as potential starting points for those looking to take on either short or long positions. [click to continue…]

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The month of May was a generally disappointing stretch for investors, as both international and domestic equity markets struggled to overcome obstacles new and old. Commodities, which had been a nice source of absolute returns for much of the last year, fell on hard times as well; precious metals went into a brief freefall, and most other natural resources saw price declines as well.

May demonstrated the importance of a meaningful allocation to fixed income within any long-term portfolio, as most bond ETFs turned in nice gains during the month. The following tables highlight the best performers from each ETFdb Category during the month of May [ETFdb Pro members can download spreadsheets showing performance and expense data for the entire ETF universe]. [click to continue…]

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Over the past few years, investors have seen the introduction of ETFs targeting increasingly specific niches. Much of this growth has come in the commodity ETF arena, with many new funds investing in futures contracts in order to provide investors exposure to a specific resource or broad basket. Institutions and individual investors alike have embraced […]

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Earth Day Special: Definitive Guide To Clean Energy ETFs

by on April 22, 2010 | Updated June 15, 2012

Alternative energy remains a fast growing market segment not only in the world of ETFs, but in terms of total investment as well. Since 2005, investment in clean energy increased by 230% to $162 billion in 2009. Echoing similar trends occurring throughout the global economy, emerging markets have stepped up their push to become leaders […]

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ETF Plays For A Falling U.S. Dollar

by on November 2, 2009 | Updated June 24, 2010

As U.S. equity markets have soared in recent months, the dollar has steadily declined against most of its major rivals, recently falling below the key $1.50 level against the euro for the first time since August of last year. This extended fall has investors wondering if the dollar’s decline reflects temporary volatility, or a long-term […]

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