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While the bread-and-butter of the ETF industry has been index-tracking products, active ETFs are quickly growing in popularity as several funds have gained critical mass with investors. There are now more than 55 different active ETFs with a combined $13 billion and counting in total assets under management. More importantly, these funds have allowed retail investors to apply professional management to a variety of asset classes and strategies [see 10 Questions About ETFs You've Been Too Afraid To Ask]. [click to continue…]

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Institutional money managers, financial advisors, and investors of all walks have largely embraced the advantages offered by the exchange-traded product structure over traditional mutual funds. The rising popularity of indexing strategies makes it easy and affordable for investors to tap into virtually any asset class around the globe through the purchase of a single ticker. Thanks to the ongoing innovation in the ETF Universe, investors don’t have to settle for a passive strategy; in fact, increasing cost competition among issuers has led to lower prices for both passive and actively managed funds, allowing for investors to tap into a diverse suite of strategies without incurring astronomical expenses [see also Five Questions To Ask When Buying An ETF].

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June was another interesting month for markets around the world as a number of important events transpired over the past few weeks. The Federal Reserve meeting came and went without much of a hitch as Bernanke called for the end of QE at the end of the month but suggested that the economy was still […]

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Complete List Of Active ETFs

by on June 5, 2011 | Updated November 16, 2012

Since PowerShares debuted its first active ETFs in the spring of 2008, this corner of the exchange-traded product market has grown tremendously. Though many active ETFs have been somewhat slow to accumulate assets, the increase in the size of the lineup highlights the trend towards vehicles that combine active management with the exchange-traded structure [see […]

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Looking Back On A Bloodbath

by on June 4, 2011

The last week started and ended with disappointment on the jobs front, as a stubbornly high unemployment took the wind out of the sails of what had been an impressive rally in recent weeks. Both private ADP payroll figures and the government report disappointed investors still looking for an uptick in jobs creation as affirmation […]

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Guggenheim Launches Pair Of Active Bond ETFs

by on June 1, 2011 | Updated June 6, 2011

Guggenheim became the latest ETF issuer to roll out actively-managed products on Wednesday, raising the curtain on a pair of funds that offer exposure to bond markets. The company completed the active ETF introduction by overhauling a pair of indexed bond funds, changing names and ticker symbols and dropping the target index altogether. The new […]

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