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The big story for 2013 has been the relentless bull market that has pushed markets to continually hit new highs. The positive sentiment on Wall Street bled into the ETF industry, as a number of new funds were able to quickly gain the attention of investors and gather a significant amount of assets.

It seems that as the years go on, the ETF space gets more fleshed out and issuers turn to more unique products to slice-and-dice the universe in new and exciting ways. 2013 has certainly been no exception as there have been a number of ETF firsts throughout the year. But uniqueness does not guarantee the success of a fund, as there are some ideas with a solid investing thesis that simply fail to catch on with investors. [click to continue…]

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April was a month of economic reporting on all sides, and the majority of the market finished the month with strong returns. Disappointing ISM and labor data was seen both early and late in the month, as April saw a slowdown in the growth of new U.S. private sector jobs. Gold dominated the headlines after the precious metal tumbled over 9% mid month, marking the largest single-day drop in 30 years. The Japanese central bank announced early in the month that it would implement a number of aggressive easing measures in an attempt to double the government bond holdings over the next two years, while an economic slowdown in China sent global investors into a frenzy [for updates on all new ETFs, sign up for the free ETFdb newsletter].

After last month’s trickle of new funds, April was a rush of products into the ETF space, with 18 new funds coming to market all throughout the month. With even more issuers filing, it look like the rest of this year will see many more ETF introductions [see Free Member Report: How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time]. 

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The dramatic drop in gold prices and less than inspiring earnings reports cast a shadow across the market this week, but the ETF space saw a huge expansion in funds. iShares alone has rolled out nine new ETFs–its first funds for 2013–with FlexShares and Credit Suisse each adding their own funds to the universe as […]

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