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The first half of 2010 was a very interesting period for currency ETFs, which look to remain in focus as the second half of the year gets underway and attention turns to central bank rate hikes. One of the biggest news stories from the first half of the year in the world of finance was the rapid deterioration of the euro and the crisis of confidence that this once mighty currency has suffered. Thanks to the sovereign debt issues that continue to plague Europe, many investors have turned their attention to the U.S. dollar as a relative safe-haven during this turbulent time. This has helped to send the PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (UUP), a fund that tracks the dollar’s performance against a basket of developed market currencies, up by more than 6% on the year, ensuring that the fund is the top performer so far in 2010 in the Currency ETFdb Category. [click to continue…]

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Five Surprising Facts About The ETF Industry

by on April 14, 2010 | Updated April 15, 2010

As ETFs have transitioned from a closet industry to a mainstream investment vehicle, a growing number of investors has become familiar with the exchange-traded structure and the nuances of of the industry. Most advisors now recognize the “super tickers”–SPY, GLD, EEM, etc.–and have a good feel for the size and scope of the industry. But there are some interesting stats about the industry that may surprise even the most experienced ETF investors. Below, we present five surprising ETF stats (for more ETF features, sign up for our free ETF newsletter): [click to continue…]

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Picking The Right Money Market ETF

by on January 28, 2010 | Updated December 8, 2014

As interest in ETF investing has surged in recent years, issuers have rushed to expand their product lines into every corner of the investable universe. The first generation of ETF products consisted mostly of equity funds designed to track well-known benchmarks, and while the vast majority of ETF assets remains in these “plain vanilla” funds, […]


India reported surprisingly strong GDP growth for the third quarter, posting 7.9% growth in the July through September period. These numbers surprised both analysts and government officials: the growth was higher than even the most bullish analyst forecast, and the Reserve Bank of India said that it will likely revise upward future forecasts. According to […]

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