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As the summer winds down, apparently so too does the impressive pace of expansion in the ETF space. Although August launches were a big dropoff from the previous month, the industry still saw the introduction of more than a dozen new exchange-traded products. Whereas many of the products rolled out in previous months have been “first-to-market” concepts, the new ETFs that began trading in August will compete more closely with existing funds [see A Look Back At July's ETF Additions]. August has debuted products which are variations of a pre-existing fund. The new funds range from fixed-income to emerging market local debt to the first Indian Infrastructure ETF [see India ETFs: Five Ways To Play].

Not surprisingly, the ETF pipeline continued to fill with some interesting ideas, some of which could hit the market in the fourth quarter of the year. August also saw a handful of funds shut down; in total, seven ETFs from Claymore and Grail went the way of the dodo. [click to continue…]

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The last two weeks have seen two separate announcements of ETF closures, with Claymore and Grail both making plans to shutter funds that have failed to catch on with investors. Claymore will close four equity funds that maintained aggregate assets of about $35 million (IRO, CRO, EXB, and ROB) while Grail is closing the doors on two actively-managed funds that each maintained about $3 million in assets. So far in 2010, about 30 ETFs have been closed; WisdomTree gave 10 funds the ax in February and Rydex pulled the plug on most of its leveraged ETF lineup in April. [click to continue…]

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Another eventful week has passed us by, leaving investors with plenty to chew on as they try and figure out hectic markets. The week started off with the closing of four ETFs, as Claymore‘s said goodbye to IRO, CRO, EXB, and ROB as the four failed to attract any meaningful amount of assets [see Four […]

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Claymore, the ETF issuer known for its suite of targeted sector funds and China ETFs, has announced that September 10 will be the last day of trading for four of its exchange-traded funds. The ETFs to be shuttered include:

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ETF Ideas For Deflation Defense

by on August 9, 2010 | Updated August 10, 2010

First, the good news: all those fears about runaway inflation following from the massive injections of capital into financial markets appear to have been overblown. Now for the bad news: the alternative may be much worse. For months wary investors have been eagerly watching CPI reports, fearful of the release indicating that price increases are […]

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With markets struggling as of late, value investing has seen a spike in popularity. Virtually all asset classes have been pummeled over the last week, as the debt crisis in Greece and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continue to weigh on markets around the globe, pushing equity prices down sharply in particular […]

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Many investors point to the rise of the ETF industry as a clear shift in preferences away from relatively expensive active management in favor of low-cost indexing. It’s been said that the alpha hunters have evolved into beta grazers. But the benefits of the ETF structure aren’t reserved solely for passive cap-weighted products, and the […]

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How To Find The Right Dividend ETF

by on January 21, 2010 | Updated November 30, 2012

Value investing is one of the oldest and most popular equity strategies, mastered by legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham and embraced by countless professional money managers and individual investors. The rise of the ETF industry has presented investors in pursuit of superior dividend yields dozens of options, each offering a unique twist […]


Best Performing ETFs Of 2009

by on December 21, 2009 | Updated April 30, 2010

Following a year that saw some of the worst performances in recent memory, many asset classes have bounced back in  2009. But some have performed better than others, and as the year draws to a close we take a look at some of the best-performing ETFs. The year’s top gainers include a few of the […]

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