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Using ETFs To Build A Complete Bond Portfolio

by on August 18, 2011 | Updated December 8, 2014

In recent years, ETFs have become increasingly popular tools for accessing the fixed income corner of the market. The space initially grew much more slowly than equity ETFs, but investors have gradually become more comfortable with the combination of fixed income exposure and the exchange-traded structure. Innovation in the bond ETF space has been impressive in recent years; a number of first-to-market products have popped up that allow for precise access to various corners of the global bond universe.

Among the most popular bond ETFs are two products in the Total Bond Market ETFdb Category: AGG and BND. Both AGG and BND are linked to the Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, a broad-based benchmark that covers the investment grade U.S. bond market. For many investors, an allocation to one of these products–or to one of a number of similar offerings–accounts for the vast majority of the fixed income portfolio. [click to continue…]


International Bond ETFs: Cruising Through All The Options

by on July 18, 2011 | Updated September 22, 2014

The fixed income corner of the ETF industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, as investors have become increasingly comfortable with achieving bond exposure through the exchange-traded structure. This is evidenced by the billions and billions and inflows to these products over the years.

Despite impressive growth figures, it seems that the potential for future expansion of the bond ETF arena is significant. Although bond ETFs have expanded considerably, the bulk of inflows has been to products focusing exclusively or primarily on debt of U.S. issuers. Most investors have gradually eased their “home country bias” on the equity side of their portfolios, embracing international stocks as a vital component of long-term strategies. But when it comes to bonds, many investors still limit their holdings to U.S. securities [see Are Bond ETFs Broken?]. [click to continue…]

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While reports of jobless rates in the U.S. or the pace of inflation in China occasionally pop to the top of the headlines, the last several months have seen the spotlight focused on European markets as the continent continues to battle a debt crisis that has threatened to derail a fragile economic recovery. While the […]

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March marked the most active month yet in 2011 for the ETF industry. While both of the previous months saw a healthy boost in funds introduced and filed for, March brought 38 new funds to market, expanding the exchange traded world even further. With the total number of funds now nearing 1,200, investors have more […]

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PowerShares and Deutsche Bank have teamed up on a new suite of exchange-traded notes offering exposure to debt issued by the governments of Japan, Italy, and Germany, marking the first time U.S. investors have been able to access the debt of a specific country through an exchange-traded product. The new offerings include a plain 1x […]

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