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There are not many choices for ETFs focused purely on the telecom sector; more often than not telecom is grouped in with infrastructure or utilities ETFs. Even though there are many overlaps in sector-specific funds, “pure” telecom ETFs can be a valuable asset for investors looking to fine tune their exposure. Much like utilities, telecom is known for consistent and above average dividends, making this asset class quite appealing in the current low-rate environment. The top three dividend yielding ETFs in telecom all have a broad market view, offering both growth and stability through the exchange-traded product wrapper [see also Inside The Peritus High Yield ETF]. [click to continue…]

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Bulls Charge Ahead

by on February 18, 2012

Equity markets ended up in green territory although bumpy trading throughout the week kept investors’ confidence in check. Lingering uncertainties stemming from the debt burdened Euro zone coupled with encouraging economic data releases on the home front paved the way for volatile trading across asset classes. Noteworthy developments included progress in the Greek bailout negotiations along with better-than-expected home builders’ index and a drop-off in jobless claims at home. Gold ended the week fairly flat near $1,720 an ounce amidst the gradually improving economic landscape.

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Is Euro Zone Optimism Here To Stay?

by on February 13, 2012

Last week’s bull-run on Wall Street came to a halt screeching halt on Friday as investors expressed their concerns over the looming, unresolved Euro zone debt crisis. Greek leaders and European policymakers have been battling it out in the negotiations room, although it appears that the drama may be nearing a climax as the debt burdened […]

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For investors looking to generate current returns from the equity portion of their portfolio, there is no shortage of exchange-traded products offering attractive dividend yields in the current environment. From ETFs linked to dividend-weighted indexes to those that focus on companies with stellar distribution histories to simply sector-specific funds in high yield corners of the […]

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ETF Dividend Ideas For 2011

by on February 7, 2011 | Updated November 20, 2012

As we enter year three of record low interest rates, many investors continue to face significant challenges in constructing a portfolio that delivers attractive current income without taking on considerable risks. With interest rates on investment grade fixed income securities pushed down, investors who require a constant stream of payments from their portfolios have been […]

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This year has not been kind to telecommunication ETFs, as increased competition for existing users has begun to weigh heavily on the sector. In addition, growth opportunities, which long have been a hallmark of the telecom industry, appear to be drying up. According to a new report, two-thirds of all people on earth now use […]

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