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The ETF universe has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years as issuers continue to roll out investment vehicles for investors of all types. When it comes time to finding the right product for your portfolio, having too many choices at your fingertips can make the security-selection process all the more intimidating; with over 1,600 ETFs on the market, finding one that best suits your objectives isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem [try our Free ETF Screener]. 

In an effort to shed more light on some of the products out there that are flying under the radar for many investors, below we’ll take a deeper dive into a unique fund: the Japan Interest Rate Strategy Fund (JGBB) from WisdomTree[click to continue…]


It’s been an up and down week on Wall Street, as investors turned their attention to the Federal Reserve’s policy setting meeting. Though taper talks have been on the table for some months, some were surprised when the Federal Reserve announced that it will begin scaling back its bond buying program next month. The central bank will now purchase $40 billion worth of Treasury bonds per month, and $35 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities – a $10 billion total reduction of purchases. In his press conference, Fed Chairman Bernanke was adamant, however, that asset purchases are not on a pre-set course and that the central bank will remain highly accommodative [see The Fed Effect: How Monetary Policy Impacts Your ETFs]. [click to continue…]

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