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Fixed income ETFs have been one of the hottest growth areas in a rapidly-expanding industry. According to the ETF screener, there are now more than 100 bond ETFs available to U.S. investors, a significant increase from just one year ago. At the end of February, bond ETF assets totaled about $107 billion, an increase of more than 75% from the same period a year earlier. Much like the ETF industry as a whole, the bond space is very top-heavy; the vast majority of these assets–55% according to the latest figures from the National Stock Exchange–were held in five funds: TIP, LQD, AGG, SHY, and BND.

These ETFs are popular for a reason; they offer cheap, diversified exposure to some attractive corners of the fixed income sector. But there’s a lot more to the bond ETF universe than these super tickers. Below, we profile five fixed income ETFs unfamiliar to many investors that could be worth a closer look: [click to continue…]

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