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Fed taper talks and looming concerns over U.S. involvement in Syria managed to steal the headlines over the past few weeks as investors expressed their concerns over geopolitical tensions and upcoming monetary policy changes. The “herd” along with financial news media outlets are known for obsessing over “breaking news,” and as such, some might be rudely reminded over the coming weeks of a much larger, looming, unresolved economic issue; you guessed it, that pesky U.S. debt ceiling still hasn’t been “fixed” by Congress  [see Visual Guide To Major Index returns by Year]. [click to continue…]

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Did You Buy On The Dip?

by on April 20, 2013

Equity markets kicked off last week on a very sour note after worse-than-expected China GDP data opened up the gates for the bears on Wall Street. To top it off, extreme selling pressures in the gold market dented the bulls’ confidence altogether, prompting many to jump ship to Treasuries for much of the trading week. Nonetheless, bargain buyers stepped in once again following the short-lived correction, and the S&P 500 Index managed to close out the week right above a key support at the 1,540 level [see Free 7 Simple & Cheap All- ETF Model Portfolios].

Actionable ETF Trade Ideas

Our picks from Monday’s Insider posted very good performance results, even after equity markets endured a choppy trading week. Below, we highlight how our trade ideas fared during the week [sign up for a free trial of ETFdb Pro to get actionable ETF ideas every Monday, as well as access to more than 50 all-ETF model portfolios]. [click to continue…]

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Yellow Metal In Bloody Red

by on April 15, 2013

Economic data managed to put a dent in investors’ confidence over the weekend after Chinese GDP data came in weaker-than-expected; the Asian powerhouse posted economic growth of 7.7% in the first quarter, falling short of the expected 8% reading as well as the previous figure of 7.9%. The continued sell-off in the precious metals market […]

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Bull Run Continues After Earnings

by on January 12, 2013

Major equity indexes continue to hold on to the massive gains accumulated during the first trading week of 2013. Frustrated bears were quick to point out that a correction will ensue as soon as earnings season comes around, however, their prediction hasn’t exactly panned out seeing as the first round of corporate performance results has been fairly upbeat. To […]

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S&P 500 Pumps Breaks Ahead Of Major Resistance

by on January 7, 2013

Bullish price action has persisted for much longer on Wall Street than many had anticipated; following the massive gap higher at the start of the new year, major equity indexes have held onto gains amid the looming uncertainties, perhaps hinting at the possibility for new highs in the coming weeks. What’s truly noteworthy is the fact that stocks […]

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Bull Train Stops At Resistance

by on August 18, 2012

The low volume trading environment made it easy for the bulls to continue their winning streak despite a string of mixed economic data releases. Although U.S. retail sales trumped expectations, another sluggish GDP report from the eurozone kept the lid on investors’ confidence. The summer slowdown on Wall Street may have seen its laziest days, […]

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Flirting With Resistance Is A Risky Game

by on August 13, 2012

Low trading volumes and sparse data releases have been recurring themes over the past two weeks, letting the bulls coast higher without much effort. The headlines are back this week however, and hopefully more traders from vacation, as a number of key GDP releases from the Europe are expected to come into the spotlight. The technical picture […]

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3 ETFs For Roubini’s “Perfect Storm”

by on August 7, 2012 | Updated August 27, 2012

Dr. Doom has diagnosed the global economy once again, except this time the symptoms are pointing to something far worse than many pessimists could have expected. Nouriel Roubini, perhaps best known for predicting the 2008 financial meltdown, recently outlined his forecast for 2013, which looks to be centered around a towering list of uncertainties. He made […]

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Stocks Recover Despite Mixed Data

by on April 28, 2012

Equity markets broadly climbed higher throughout the week as investors digested upbeat earnings results from a number of industry giants including Amazon and Apple, both of which bolstered confidence in the technology sector. Surprisingly, investors brushed aside a number of less-than-stellar economic reports; durable goods orders data came in negative and U.S. GDP came in at 2.2% […]

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Gear Up For Turbulence

by on April 23, 2012

Investors got an unfriendly reminder of the looming Euro zone debt woes last week as resurfacing fears surrounding rising yields on Spanish government bonds paved the way for profit taking across the board. Earnings season at home remains a “mixed bag” judging by Wall Street’s movement last week, although surprises have been predominantly upbeat. As […]

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If the second half of 2011 was characterized by rampant stock market volatility and looming uncertainty, the atmosphere on Wall Street could be described as the exact opposite thus far in 2012. Economic data releases on the home front have taken center stage in recent months as better-than-expected results from the labor and housing markets have […]

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High Hopes, Big Gains

by on December 3, 2011

Equity indexes finished the week in bright green territory thanks to a spectacular rally on Wednesday. Euphoria swept over equity markets all over the world last week after major central banks, including the Fed and the European Central Bank, collaborated to lower the cost of dollar funding in an effort to improve liquidity and restore […]

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