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Three ETFs To Watch This Week: IAH, FXB, OIH

by on May 10, 2010 | Updated May 14, 2010

Equity markets are coming off one of the wildest weeks in recent memory, as a plethora of issues combined to cause anxiety and sink the Dow more than 1,500 points on the week. Continued troubles in Greece pushed European equity markets lower, as protests of the harsh austerity measures passed by the government in order to obtain a 110 billion euro bailout rattled investors. On Thursday, an apparent trading error or computer glitch caused markets to plummet and pushed the Dow lower by 762 points in just 23 minutes (see Ten Shocking Charts From The “Flash Crash”). This week will be an important one, with investors hoping that markets can reclaim some of the ground lost instead of extending the freefall. Below, we profile three ETFs in particular that could see an active week: [click to continue…]

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Oil service firms were in focus earlier this year when President Obama announced that he was lifting a ban on expanded offshore oil and gas drilling on parts of the Atlantic coast. However, recent developments have thrown a wrench into these plans, as a number of government organizations and private sector firms race to avoid a disaster in the Gulf Coast region.  On April 20th, a Transocean rig called the Deepwater Horizon caught fire and exploded, presumably killing as many as 11 people. After burning for close to two days, the rig sunk on the 22nd, setting off the next phase of the crisis (see the full timeline here) . [click to continue…]

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Five Surprising Facts About The ETF Industry

by on April 14, 2010 | Updated April 15, 2010

As ETFs have transitioned from a closet industry to a mainstream investment vehicle, a growing number of investors has become familiar with the exchange-traded structure and the nuances of of the industry. Most advisors now recognize the “super tickers”–SPY, GLD, EEM, etc.–and have a good feel for the size and scope of the industry. But […]

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Warm weather across much of the U.S. in recent weeks has marked the end of winter and the start of spring. It also signals that the summer driving season is quickly approaching, and kicks off a period of time when oil prices are closely scrutinized. Last year saw below average oil demand as consumers tightened […]

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Obama Opens Offshore Drilling; Oil ETFs Soar

by on March 31, 2010 | Updated April 2, 2010

Earlier today, President Obama announced that he is lifting bans on offshore drilling and oil and gas exploration off the Virginia coast, move likely to renew a heated debate between environmental groups and Big Oil. Obama also announced that he will be expanding lease sales for oil and gas exploration on the Atlantic seaboard. The […]

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Five Facts About HOLDRS Every ETF Investor Must Know

by on March 10, 2010 | Updated December 8, 2014

For the most part, ETFs are pretty similar regardless of which issuer is behind the fund. But as many investors know, there’s one notable exception to this rule. The HOLDRS products from Merrill Lynch are similar to traditional ETFs in many ways, but also feature some nuances that make them very different in others. HOLDRS […]


Markets trended upwards last week as investors were encouraged by lower than expected CPI numbers, which led some to believe that the Fed will hold off on raising rates for the time being. Although earnings season is winding down, there are several key companies that will be reporting this week including Target, FirstSolar, and Home […]

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The Definitive Oil ETF Guide: List of Oil ETFs and More

by on October 22, 2009 | Updated November 1, 2012

Direct investment in crude oil products used to be limited to major financial institutions and oil companies themselves, but the development of the ETF industry in the U.S. has democratized the investment process in many ways, including making investments in various oil products accessible to average investors. There are a number of exchange-traded products that […]

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