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Guggenheim announced this week that its board had approved the shuttering of eight exchange-traded products, including six ETFs and two members of the CurrencyShares suite of grantor trusts that offer exposure to exchange rate fluctuations. The move comes as Guggenheim is integrating the Rydex lineup of ETFs and moving to sharpen the focus of its lineup. “Guggenheim Investments remains committed to the U.S. ETP business,” said William Belden, head of product development. “As a leader in the market, we are dedicated to providing high quality investment solutions for our clients.”

Five of the ETFs being closed down were originally part of the Guggenheim ETF roster, joined by one equal weight Rydex ETF. March 23 will be the last day of trading for the following ETFs: [click to continue…]

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In the summer of 1992, Eugene Fama and Kenneth French published “The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns” in The Journal of Finance, a groundbreaking analysis that prompted financial presses to run headlines declaring “beta is dead.” While the death sentence may have been a bit severe, it struck a significant blow to a widely-accepted and longstanding financial concept, causing academics and investors to reconsider tenets they once took for granted.

In recent decades, a collection of academic studies, disillusioned investors, and financial innovations have contributed to a similar prognosis for beta’s Greek neighbor, alpha. The idea that was hatched by Brinson and Hood and supported by the likes of Ibbotson and Kaplan and Barras and Scaillet was fueled by years of investor frustration. Following the introduction and rapid rise in the popularity of indexing and ETFs, it seemed that what started out as a scholarly whisper had grown into a deafening roar. The proclamation didn’t come from a single voice or article, but was the collective result of years of research and investor sentiment that has seemingly led to a fatal promulgation: alpha is dead.

Or is it?

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Christian Magoon is the President and Senior Managing Director of Claymore Securities, Inc. He recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk with ETF Database.

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 While countless individuals have contributed to the industry’s meteoric rise, 25 people stand out for contributions that have guided ETF investing from its conception to widespread acceptance among all breeds of investors. The inaugural members of ETF Database’s Hall of Fame are presented below in alphabetical order, which is to say we have not attempted to […]

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