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Top Ten Equity ETFs Of 2010

by on December 28, 2010

With the new year just around the corner, it seems as if 2010 will go down as a generally positive year for investors. Despite numerous and somewhat serious lingering concerns over the health of the global economy, most asset classes have posted impressive gains on the year as the odds of a “double dip” have diminished considerably.

Last year, the list of the best-performing equity ETFs was dominated by emerging markets funds, a trend that continued once again in 2010. But it is not the usual suspects of Brazil, China, and India that have turned in the most impressive results, highlighting the tremendous potential of the world’s lesser-known developing economies. And once again the list of the best-performing equity ETFs of the year includes a number of relative unknowns, demonstrating the appeal of going beyond the “super tickers” that account for a huge portion of industry assets to identify smaller and more targeted ETF options. [click to continue…]

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Compared to September, which saw issuers launch more than two dozen new funds and multiple issuers shutter their entire product lines, October was a relatively slow month for the ETF industry. Though the number of new funds launched was down last month, many of the products that did hit the market were innovative, first-to-market funds that accumulated assets rather quickly. The new additions to the ETF lineup covered a number of different asset classes, including precious metals, rare earth metals, Chinese stocks. We also saw another active ETF turn in an impressive debut, indicating that perhaps growth is beginning to accelerate in that corner of the market.

October also set the stage for a flurry of activity in the final two months of the year and first quarter of 2011, as a number of issuers made filings that shed some light on future plans. And in a continuation of a trend that has played out in prior months, news of more fund closures also broke; PowerShares announced that it will shutter ten of its smaller ETFs before the end of the year. [click to continue…]

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PowerShares, the Wheaton, Illinois-based ETF issuer known for its QQQ fund and line of products linked to “intelligent” benchmarks, announced late last week that it will shut down several ETFs before the end of the year. December 14 will be the last day of trading for ten PowerShares ETFs:

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Does Your Portfolio Need A “RAFI ETF”?

by on March 3, 2010 | Updated November 6, 2012

In recent years, investors have begun moving away from traditional active management in favor of more cost-efficient indexing strategies. The result has been a tremendous surge in the popularity of ETFs and a serious threat to actively-managed mutual funds that have dominated the investment industry for decades. As market indexes have transitioned from performance benchmarks […]

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Over the past several months, concerns over the fallout from the massive stimulus plans, rising unemployment, and continued weakness in corporate earnings have left many investors rethinking their allocations to U.S. equities. Once considered an essential element of any portfolio, American stocks have fallen out of favor with some investors who have shifted assets towards […]

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