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Since the introduction of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY, A) in January of 1993, the ETF industry has continued to gain popularity, offering investment products in almost every imaginable segment of the global economy. There are more than 1,400 ETF products on the market in the U.S., and almost 50 ETF issuers. Invesco PowerShares is one of those issuers, playing a major role in bringing new ETFs market. Here is a look at the company and some of its most noteworthy ETFs [see also How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time].

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As the ETF industry continues to develop, many investors have begun to move away from the more “traditional” funds in favor of ETFs that employ unique methodologies that are aimed at delivering potentially higher returns. Of the most noteworthy and popular innovations has been the development of alternative weighting strategies, specifically the RAFI methodology [see 101 ETF Lessons Every Advisor Should Learn].

Several years ago, Research Affiliates, a global lead in innovative investing and asset allocation strategies, developed the fundamentally-weighted indexes that utilize the RAFI methodology. Now there are nearly 20 different exchange-traded products that are linked to RAFI-weighted indexes. But before taking a look at the performance of these popular funds, a fundamental understanding of the unique methodology is essential.  [click to continue…]

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When it comes to corporate bond ETFs, there is no fund more popular than iShares’ infamous iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund, LQD. The king of corporate bonds maintains a portfolio worth over $23 billion in total assets, and trades nearly two million times a day on average. For investors looking for the most […]

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This past year was the most active ever for the exchange traded industry in terms of product development; the launch of more than 300 new products shattered the record set in 2010. And innovation continues to run high in the industry; the creativity of issuers is still impressive, as many of the ETFs that have […]

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Bond ETFs

by on November 22, 2011 | Updated September 22, 2014

Interest in achieving fixed income exposure through exchange-traded funds has been a hot topic in recent years, with some advisors expressing serious concerns over the potential shortcomings in bond ETFs while others have fully embraced the efficiencies of the exchange-traded structure [see Are Bond ETFs Broken?].


After a summer slowdown that saw the pace of new ETF launches decline dramatically, product development in the industry ramped up in September. The end of vacation season brought a wave of new exchange-traded products to market, including several first-to-market concepts and the introduction of a couple of new issuers. September also saw a continuation […]

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A Week In The Green

by on September 17, 2011 | Updated September 19, 2011

The last week was a welcome change of pace for investors, as markets generally cruised higher despite a lack of meaningful good news that traditionally accompanies such rallies. Attractive entry points finally drove some back into risky assets, though significant uncertainty remains over the outlook from here–especially with parts of Europe now precariously teetering on […]

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PowerShares, one of the leading providers of alternative weighted ETFs, announced today the latest addition to its fixed income lineup. The new Fundamental Investment Grade Corporate Bond Portfolio (PFIG) will offer an alternative means of accessing high quality corporate bonds, distinguishing itself from other products in the Corporate Bonds ETFdb Category by the weighting methodology […]

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