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Since the introduction of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY, A) in January of 1993, the ETF industry has continued to gain popularity, offering investment products in almost every imaginable segment of the global economy. There are more than 1,400 ETF products on the market in the U.S., and almost 50 ETF issuers. Invesco PowerShares is one of those issuers, playing a major role in bringing new ETFs market. Here is a look at the company and some of its most noteworthy ETFs [see also How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time].

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High Hopes, Big Gains

by on December 3, 2011

Equity indexes finished the week in bright green territory thanks to a spectacular rally on Wednesday. Euphoria swept over equity markets all over the world last week after major central banks, including the Fed and the European Central Bank, collaborated to lower the cost of dollar funding in an effort to improve liquidity and restore confidence back in the markets. Investors saw the collective bank agreement as a key positive development, as lawmakers from around the globe demonstrated their commitment to maintain stability across financial markets. On the home front, U.S employment data surpassed analyst expectations, with the unemployment rate coming in at 8.6% versus the expected 9%. Gold ended the week higher alongside stocks, settling near $1,750 an ounce on Friday. [click to continue…]

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Can The Bulls Hold On?

by on November 30, 2011

Domestic equity markets started off the week on a strong note as investors were optimistic to see a very strong start to the holiday shopping seasons, showcasing that U.S. consumers are still alive and kicking. Euphoria swept over stocks on Wednesday after the Fed and the central banks of the euro area, Canada, Japan, U.K., […]

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Back To Basics: 7 ETFs For Long-Term Investors

by on November 29, 2011 | Updated November 21, 2012

New exchange traded products continue to debut on the market by the cartload, as issuers have been ramping up activity on the product development front while ongoing innovation in the ETF industry is paving the way for one of a kind, first-to-market products. Investors can implement any number of strategies across a multitude of asset […]

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Investors Shopping For Hope

by on November 28, 2011

Investors were left empty handed before the Thanksgiving Holiday; the Euro drama theme dominated financial markets last week as ongoing debt woes stemming from overseas overshadowed a host of positive economic data releases on the home front, including a surprise to the upside in durable goods orders. We anticipate for the spotlight to remain fixated […]

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The fixed income ETF space has grown considerably over the past two years, as investors worried about a slowdown in developed markets have bought up bonds despite record low yields. The first 11 months of 2010 saw cash inflows of approximately $100 billion into the ETF industry, and about $29 billion of that total went […]

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PIMCO was a latecomer to the ETF industry. But since wading into the ETF waters last year, the California-based bond giant, has rapidly built up its fixed income lineup, which now includes both actively-managed and passively-indexed products focusing on munis, investment grade corporate debt, Build America Bonds, and of course U.S. Treasuries. The company expanded […]

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Happy Fourth of July from the team at ETF Database! Given the chaos of recent weeks in financial markets, investors should be thrilled to relax with fireworks, family gatherings, and good old-fashioned barbecues. To celebrate the Fourth, we take a timeout from talks of double dips, oil spills, unemployment to highlight five all-American ETFs that […]

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Ten Worst Performing ETFs Of 2009

by on December 22, 2009 | Updated June 24, 2010

For most investors, 2009 has been a very good year, with a surge in liquidity leading almost all asset classes to big gains. As many national economies emerged from recession, investors regained their appetite for risk, sending emerging markets funds through the rook (these funds dominated the list of the Top Ten Performing Equity ETFs). […]

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