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In the last few years, investors have slowly found their way back to equity markets as more lucrative opportunities continue to present themselves. And with more and more investors adopting higher risk tolerances, bullish momentum has undoubtedly become a dominant force on Wall Street, pushing equity markets into uncharted territory. And though across the board, most corners of the equity market have flourished in recent years, there have been certain sectors that have continuously outperformed while others have missed the mark [see 25 Wild ETF Charts From 1H 2013]. [click to continue…]

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Exchange-traded funds have taken the market by storm, with more than $1.5 trillion in assets under management across more than 3,000 securities. These ETFs provide everyday investors with exposure to previously inaccessible corners of the market, while enabling them to build a diversified and low-fee stock portfolio both quickly and easily [see The Cheapest ETF for Every Investment Objective]. [click to continue…]

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Consider Consumer Staples

by on March 7, 2013 | Updated April 1, 2013

During the past few years, markets have suffered losses not seen since the Great Depression, with hardly any sectors left untouched by the tidal wave of economic uncertainty. Some of the only firms to survive the crisis with only a few bruises were consumer staples; companies that manufacture or sell recession-proof necessities, or goods that consumers rely […]

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This week was yet another volatile one as investors weighed in their opinions on the euro zone and how its actions would shape the global economy. Though the EU eventually came through with a deal, not all countries agreed, with the U.K. outright opting out, creating some concern that the deal did not go far enough to […]

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ETF Sector Rotation Strategies: Beyond The SPDRs

by on August 10, 2011 | Updated July 9, 2014

ETFs may have originally been designed for investors interested in implementing long-term, buy-and-hold strategies, but the numerous advantages of the exchange traded structure, such as intraday liquidity and enhanced transparency, have attracted all types–including a much more active crowd. It’s no secret that ETFs have become popular among traders that measure holding periods not in […]


Sector rotation techniques have been around for decades, a relatively simple strategy often used by investors seeking to capitalize on short-term mispricings in order to generate alpha. In its most basic form, sector rotation involves segmenting the equity universe by industry, and moving into and out of various sectors depending on relative attractiveness from a […]

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