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Technological innovation and development have certainly been game changers in the investment world. Last year was an active one for the technology industry, with the launch of several new Apple and Windows products, a lawsuit between two top tech firms, and the rather dreary public offering of social media giant Facebook. Despite some bumps in the road, 2012 saw a relatively high increase in global technology spending, particularly in the IT sub-sector [Download Free 7 Simple & Cheap All-ETF Portfolios]. [click to continue…]

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This article was written by David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs. 

Having too many choices can be intimidating for many investors and there are definitely lots of choices when it comes to ETFs. For example, in the equity market alone, there are 30+ technology sector ETFs, or 35 ‘large cap value’ and 20 financial ETFs. A very healthy selection abounds for every category of ETF.

The problem is that these ETFs are not made the same even though they may be in the same category. There are major differences in methodologies between funds, which results in drastically different holdings even within a given sector. Consider the chart below (figure 1) which compares all of the ETFs in the Technology Equities ETFdb Category and the number of holdings within each fund: [click to continue…]

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State Street, the issuer behind the two largest U.S.-listed exchange-traded products, announced today the launch today of three new funds offering targeted exposure to key sub-sectors of the U.S. economy. The new funds will track narrow corners of the technology, health care, and industrials sector, giving investors new options for placing targeted bets on the […]

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The growth of the ETP lineup to 1,300 products and beyond has been fueled largely by the development–and success–of funds other than the “plain vanilla” offerings that offer exposure to well known stock and bond indexes. As the ETF industry has grown in size, it has also become more granular in nature; many of the […]

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Definitive Guide To Semiconductor ETFs: Semiconductor ETFs 101

by on November 19, 2009 | Updated April 29, 2013

For investors looking to make a play on the technology sector through ETFs, there are a number of options offering varying degrees of exposure. The PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQQ) tracks the Nasdaq 100 Index, meaning it is tilted heavily towards the technology sector (about 65% of its holdings), but maintains moderate exposure to health care […]


In the summer of 1992, Eugene Fama and Kenneth French published “The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns” in The Journal of Finance, a groundbreaking analysis that prompted financial presses to run headlines declaring “beta is dead.” While the death sentence may have been a bit severe, it struck a significant blow to a widely-accepted and […]

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