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July was dominated by Q2 earnings reports, with low expectations going into the season. While trading was lackluster and earnings reports were mixed at times, Ben Bernanke has continued charging forward with his plans to work the economy off of QE and back into a self sustaining cycle. Ending the month was the GDP results for Q2, which came in better than expected, thoug the figure is still not rising at an outstanding rate [for updates on all new ETFs, sign up for the free ETFdb newsletter].

July saw a number of new funds launch, with 15 new ETFs entering the ring and five different companies making plans with the SEC for new launches later in the year  [see Free Member Report: How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time].

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This year has shaped out to be quite kind for equity investors as bullish price action remains the dominant theme on Wall Street. iShares is looking to take advantage of all the euphoria with their latest product launch aimed at investors in search of  a “core” holding to fill out their portfolio’s equity component; the latest addition to the issuer’s towering lineup of nearly 300 exchange-traded products is the MSCI USA Quality Factor ETF (QUAL) [see also The Cheapest ETF for Every Investment Objective].  [click to continue…]

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