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The S&P Equal Weight ETF (RSP) hit markets in 2003 and offered a unique spin on investing in the S&P 500. Its equal weight approach to the famed index quickly garnered attention as it outperformed the likes of SPY over a number of periods. As time has gone on, many have speculated (and even accused), that RSP’s portfolio is nothing more than a flashy mid-cap fund, as its performance has been eerily close to other funds of that nature [for more ETF news and analysis subscribe to our free ETF Daily Roundup]. [click to continue…]


With more than 1,500 ETFs available on the market today, investors have grown comfortable with utilizing some of the more sophisticated strategies out there for fine tuning their exposure and tapping into previously difficult-to-reach asset classes. When it comes to tactical allocation, the sheer diversity among ETFs comes in handy; investors can pick and choose from an array of country, sector, asset class, and style-specific funds. Innovation in the ETF industry has in turn spawned a variety of alternative weighting methodologies, offering new ways to access traditional market capitalization-weighted indexes [see 101 ETF Lessons Every Financial Advisor Should Learn]. [click to continue…]

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After starting off the week on a sour note, U.S. equities managed to break a 4-day loosing streak following better-than-expected earnings reports. The bounce back, however, was short lived after investors turned their attention to the latest Fed policy minutes. The Fed minutes, which for the most part lacked basic clarity, stated that few officials […]

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U.S. Bull Market Hits All-Time Highs

by on May 4, 2013

The bulls set a record this week on Wall Street as the S&P 500 Index hit all-time highs of 1,618 on Friday following the release of April’s upbeat jobs report. New buyers eagerly stepped in and helped carry major equity benchmarks past historical resistance levels as payroll data surpassed expectations and the unemployment rate ticked down to […]

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Hedge Your Bullish Bets This Week

by on April 29, 2013

Scattered signs of deteriorating fundamentals are leading us to take a cautiously bullish stance on the markets this week. Looking back, worse-than-expected durable goods orders and GDP data were quickly ignored by the equity bulls last week, which could set the scene for a steeper correction this week as long as earnings results can rattle […]

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It’s pretty darn hard, if not altogether impossible, to read through any sort of financial publication these days without running across some mention of the S&P 500 Index. This revered benchmark has found its way onto the radar screens of countless investors and traders since its inception in 1957. More importantly, the proliferation of ETFs has […]

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ETF Performance: Weight Isn’t Everything

by on February 13, 2013 | Updated May 23, 2014

When it comes to choosing which ETF is right for you, one of the top considerations of many investors is how exactly the fund’s underlying index is constructed. Selection and weighting methodologies vary drastically from fund to fund, with the differences often making significant impacts on bottom line returns. Traditional market capitalization weightings were once the […]


10 Questions About ETFs You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask

by on February 5, 2013 | Updated December 8, 2014

As the exchange-traded world continues to expand, many investors find themselves asking the same questions about how these products work. Of course, not everyone is as vocal about their curiosities, leaving a number of unanswered questions in the space. In an ongoing effort to keep you educated about the ETF world, we mapped out ten questions […]

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Bulls Break Down The Gates

by on January 5, 2013

Saying that 2013 is off to a good start would be a huge understatement. As policymakers passed a bill steering clear of the much-feared cliff, equity markets reacted with great euphoria; buying pressures at home ignited a stock market rally around the globe, serving as a great jolt to investors’ confidence at the start of […]

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The Cliff Becomes Reality

by on December 31, 2012

Everyone is hoping for a last minute deal, however, given the running track record of stiff gridlock in Congress, it’s highly unlikely that an agreement will be reached. It won’t be terribly surprising to see policymakers push forth a plan which somehow “kicks the can down the road”, after all, we didn’t find ourselves standing over the […]

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Originally created for buy-and-hold investors looking for cost-effective ways to diversify their portfolios, ETFs have gained popularity among active traders as well; these financial instrument have proven to be responsive and liquid, serving as viable trading vehicles for those looking to implement any number of shorter-term strategies. With innovation also comes complexity, however, and ETFs […]


AdvisorShares, one of the largest issuers of active ETFs, made another addition to its lineup this week with the debut of a fund that will seek to capture results of long/short hedge fund managers. The new QAM Equity Hedge ETF (QEH) will employ an active long/short strategy that will seek to outperform about half of […]

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