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The expansion of the ETF universe has brought forth countless strategies and previously hard-to-reach asset classes to anyone with an online brokerage account. While it’s true that most investors have embraced the traditional, index-based, or so-called “plain vanilla” funds, there is still growing demand for the more sophisticated and actively managed offerings out there [see our ETF Launch Center].

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The big story for 2013 has been the relentless bull market that has pushed markets to continually hit new highs. The positive sentiment on Wall Street bled into the ETF industry, as a number of new funds were able to quickly gain the attention of investors and gather a significant amount of assets.

It seems that as the years go on, the ETF space gets more fleshed out and issuers turn to more unique products to slice-and-dice the universe in new and exciting ways. 2013 has certainly been no exception as there have been a number of ETF firsts throughout the year. But uniqueness does not guarantee the success of a fund, as there are some ideas with a solid investing thesis that simply fail to catch on with investors. [click to continue…]

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May was yet another strong month in the markets, with few investors selling early this year to avoid a summer slump. However, some investors were spooked early in the month after the FOMC rate decision and press conference. In its statement, the Fed said it would continue its $85 billion a month bond buying program, […]

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Over the years, interest in dividend-paying equities and high-yield securities has grown tremendously as investors seek ways to generate meaningful income in today’s near-zero interest rate environment. Mebane Faber, Portfolio Manager at Cambria Investment Management and co-founder of AlphaClone, recently took the time to discuss the new Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF (SYLD), highlighting its unique strategy and approach to the high yield space […]

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