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ETF Plays To Heed Bill Gross’ Warnings

by on September 10, 2012 | Updated September 24, 2012

Since the unprecedented financial crash of 2008, investors have witnessed some of the most radical and controversial practices being adopted by our central bank to save our sputtering economy. Perhaps the most sensational of the measures taken were the infamous quantitative easing programs, where the Fed proceeded to “monetize” the debt by printing  massive amounts of money. In addition, interest rates have been slashed to record low levels – to an unthinkable zero percent interest rate. And given the fact that the U.S. economy is still sluggish at best, many experts are weighing in on the various asset-purchasing programs and whether or not they agree with the action of the Fed [see also ETF Profile: Credit Suisse 130/30 (CSM)]. [click to continue…]

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The rapid development of the exchange-traded fund industry has brought to market some of the most useful and intriguing products for all walks of investors. With more than 1,400 ETPs offering exposure to just about every asset class, investment strategy, and developed and emerging economy, the potential portfolio combinations are endless. Although investors can dip into some of the more complex and intriguing funds, most choose to select a number of ETFs that will allow them to build a well-diversified portfolio. But thanks to the innovativeness of ETF issuers, there is now an entire line of products that takes this strategy to the extreme, offering access to a complete portfolio through a single equity ticker [see also How To But The Right ETF Every Time]. [click to continue…]


Under the Hood of “Target Retirement Date” ETFs

by on May 25, 2009 | Updated May 26, 2009

The exchange-traded fund industry has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years due to the significant advantages of these investment vehicles over traditional mutual funds and individual securities. Perhaps most notably, ETFs offer investors a cost-efficient mechanism to gain access to a diversified basket of securities. ETFs allow investors to create a well-diversified investment portfolio by holding […]

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