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The reasons for the rise of the ETF industry are numerous: intraday liquidity, (potentially) superior tax efficiency, and enhanced transparency relative to traditional actively-managed mutual funds have all contributed to the billions of dollars of inflows that these funds have seen in recent years. But the real attraction for most ETF investors is the reduced expenses these products offer, often only a fraction of the fees charged by mutual funds. [click to continue…]

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Are Value ETFs Leading Us Out Of The Recession?

by on June 25, 2009 | Updated May 14, 2013

Conventional wisdom says that while growth stocks outperform their value counterparts during recessions, value stocks gain the upper hand once the economy hits bottom, leading the way during the early recovery stage of most economic cycles. That’s according to a report by Russell Investments of Tacoma, Washington, which indicates that growth outperformance tends to reverse as soon as the economy bottom. So what are the numbers telling us about the market’s bullish run over the past few months? Is it the beginning of a recovery or simply another glimmer of false hope? [click to continue…]

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