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Compared to September, which saw issuers launch more than two dozen new funds and multiple issuers shutter their entire product lines, October was a relatively slow month for the ETF industry. Though the number of new funds launched was down last month, many of the products that did hit the market were innovative, first-to-market funds that accumulated assets rather quickly. The new additions to the ETF lineup covered a number of different asset classes, including precious metals, rare earth metals, Chinese stocks. We also saw another active ETF turn in an impressive debut, indicating that perhaps growth is beginning to accelerate in that corner of the market.

October also set the stage for a flurry of activity in the final two months of the year and first quarter of 2011, as a number of issuers made filings that shed some light on future plans. And in a continuation of a trend that has played out in prior months, news of more fund closures also broke; PowerShares announced that it will shutter ten of its smaller ETFs before the end of the year. [click to continue…]

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Deutsche Bank, the financial giant that has partnered with PowerShares on some of the most popular currency and commodity ETF products, has begun laying the groundwork to launch its own line of equity ETFs. In a recent SEC filing, the firm detailed five proposed ETFs: [click to continue…]

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