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After starting out 2012 with a bang, economic uncertainties are once again creeping in from both sides of the Atlantic and equity markets around the globe appear to be losing steam and heading lower back towards where they started off the year. With Euro zone debt drama back in the spotlight, investors have seemingly brushed aside all other financial news. Perhaps one of the most overlooked developments is the mountain of debt that has been building up in China, leading many to worry that the Asian economic bellwether could soon face a financial crisis of its own [see also Will Gulf State ETFs Thrive From Oil Wealth?].

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The impact of the recent global economic slowdown was first felt by consumers around the world who were forced to cut back on purchases in order to endure the recession. While some consumer segments such as the wealthy, have begun to spend again, the events of the last two years have also had a profound, and perhaps lasting, impact on the business of investing and the methodologies that guide the portfolio construction process. As the growth gap between the world’s advanced and developing economies widens, many U.S. investors have tossed aside the conventional wisdom that called for making a significant allocation to domestic equities in favor of a more global approach. [click to continue…]


After a few speed bumps early in 2010, ETFs are back on track and traveling full steam ahead. In the first three months of 2010, nearly 60 new ETFs have been launched, which is already equivalent to nearly half funds to hit the market over the course of 2009.  The recent SEC decision to halt approval on products using derivatives may slow this pace a […]

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ProShares launched three new inverse ETFs on Thursday, bringing the number of single inverse equity and bond ETFs to 14. The new funds are the first to offer single inverse exposure to Chinese equities, real estate, and the basic materials sector. “Our existing double inverse ETFs based on these indexes are popular, but some investors […]

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ProShares, the largest issuer of leveraged and inverse ETFs, has filed for SEC approval on several additional products. The proposed funds include:

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The Definitive Inverse ETF Guide: Short/Bear ETFs 101

by on November 5, 2009 | Updated November 30, 2012

As the stock market continues to rise, seemingly running ahead of fundamentals, more and more investors are becoming concerned that the stocks are becoming overvalued, and that a downward correction may be just around the corner. While safe haven investments such as the U.S. dollar and gold are popular picks for investors looking to profit […]

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