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Become an ELITE Member today to compare ETF Issuer performance within +300 investment themes across 6 key investment metrics, including Issuer Revenue, Fund Flow, AUM, Average Return, Expense Ratio and Dividend Yield. That’s over 1800 League Tables that provide unparalleled competitive intelligence about ETF industry market share and opportunities. Join today and start making more informed product and marketing decisions in real-time.

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Which ETF Issuer Performs Better?

Granular ETF Issuer League Tables for +300 Investment Themes

With over 300 investment theme options to classify ETF Issuers, get a bigger and better understanding of how issuers rank in the areas that matter to your portfolio. Browse League Tables for issuers who have ETFs exposed to specific asset classes, geographies, sectors, industries, currencies and many more!

ETF Issuer Revenue Rankings

Who’s making the money? Compare issuers based on estimated revenue generated from their ETF business. Track market share and discover new revenue opportunities. Revenue is calculated by multiplying expense ratio by assets under management.

Rank ETF Issuers across 5 more investment metrics, including Fund Flow, Return and more!

Who’s getting the fund flow? In addition to ETF Issuer Revenue, Elite Members can compare issuers across five more key investment metrics including fund flow, return, AUM, expense ratio and dividend yield. These 6 metrics are tabulated for the +300 investment themes resulting in +1800 league tables of competitive intelligence.

Weekly Updates and Ranking Changes

ETF Issuer League Tables are updated weekly and rank changes are highlighted for ease of use. Use rank changes to identify growth or stagnation of an issuer relative to its peers, allowing for better strategic planning.

Download Data on All League Tables

The export function allows the download of all ETF Issuer League Tables to support custom analysis and reporting.

Sign up today and get Pro for free! ELITE memberships come with a complimentary membership to Pro. The Pro membership comes packed with leading industry tools like our popular Screener and Comparison tool as well as exclusive data sets like Thematic Power Rankings, fund flows and comprehensive holdings data.

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