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iShares is the largest ETF provider in the world. It is part of BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager. The iShares family of ETFs is built around virtually every leading index provider, including Barclays Capital, Cohen & Steers, Dow Jones, FTSE, JPMorgan, MSCI, NASDAQ, NYSE, Russell and Standard & Poor's.

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iShares ETF Expenses

The following table presents sortable expense information for all iShares ETFs, including expense ratios and commission free trading. To see information on dividends, returns, or technicals, click on one of the other tabs below.

As Of 04/17/2015
Symbol Name ETFdb Category Inception ER Commission Free
MEAR Short Maturity Municipal Bond ETF National Munis 2015-03-03 0.25% Not Available
IBMI iBonds Sep 2020 AMT-Free Muni Bond ETF National Munis 2014-08-12 0.18% Not Available
REET Global REIT ETF Global Real Estate 2014-07-08 0.14% Not Available
HEZU Currency Hedged MSCI EMU ETF Europe Equities 2014-07-08 0.51% Not Available
IPAC Core MSCI Pacific ETF Asia Pacific Equities 2014-06-10 0.14% Not Available
DGRO Core Dividend Growth ETF Large Cap Value Equities 2014-06-10 0.12% Not Available
IEUR Core MSCI Europe ETF Europe Equities 2014-06-10 0.14% Not Available
IUSB Core Total USD Bond Market ETF Total Bond Market 2014-06-10 0.15% Not Available
AXJV iShares MSCI Asia ex Japan Minimum Volatility ETF Asia Pacific Equities 2014-06-03 0.35% Not Available
JPMV iShares MSCI Japan Minimum Volatility ETF Japan Equities 2014-06-03 0.30% Not Available
EUMV iShares MSCI Europe Minimum Volatility ETF Europe Equities 2014-06-03 0.25% Not Available
IBDF Dec 2016 Corporate Term ETF Corporate Bonds 2014-05-29 0.10% Not Available
IBDH Dec 2018 Corporate Term ETF Corporate Bonds 2014-05-28 0.10% Not Available
LQDH Interest Rate Hedged Corporate Bond ETF Corporate Bonds 2014-05-27 0.25% Not Available
HYGH Interest Rate Hedged High Yield Bond ETF High Yield Bonds 2014-05-27 0.55% Not Available
QAT MSCI Qatar Capped ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2014-04-29 0.61% Not Available
UAE MSCI UAE Capped ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2014-04-29 0.61% Not Available
BYLD Yield Optimized Bond ETF Total Bond Market 2014-04-22 0.28% Not Available
IEIL Enhanced International Large-Cap ETF Foreign Large Cap Equities 2014-02-27 0.35% Not Available
IEIS Enhanced International Small-Cap ETF Foreign Small & Mid Cap Equities 2014-02-27 0.49% Not Available
MUAH 2019 AMT-Free Muni Term ETF National Munis 2014-02-04 0.30% Not Available
TFLO Treasury Floating Rate Bond ETF Government Bonds 2014-02-03 0.00% Not Available
HEWJ Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETF Japan Equities 2014-01-31 0.48% Not Available
HEWG Currency Hedged MSCI Germany ETF Europe Equities 2014-01-31 0.53% Not Available
HEFA Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETF Foreign Large Cap Equities 2014-01-31 0.39% Not Available

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