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Meet an Advisor: Kristoffer Doura

Evan Harp sat down with Kristoffer Doura to discuss his journey as a financial advisor and the...


YieldMax Adds ‘Ultra’ Covered Call ETF

On Thursday, YieldMax added to its extensive ETF portfolio with the launch of the YieldMax Ultra...


First Trust Adds 2 New Active ETFs

On Wednesday, First Trust added to its expansive ETF library by releasing the First Trust...


Miller Value Partners Unveils ETF With Leverage Element

Miller Value Partners today rolled out its second ETF. The Miller Value Partners Leverage ETF...


Regan Capital Enters ETF Space With MBSF ETF

On Wednesday, Regan Capital, an adviser firm, made its first foray into ETFs by launching the ...


Sell on the Pop Prospects: February 28 Edition

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive short selling opportunities.

The ETFs...