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As the founder of Third Quarter Advisers, LLC, Tony DiLeonardi channels more than 25 years of sales and managerial financial services experience to help inspire and guide wealth professionals through the challenges of running a dynamic wealth management practice. Third Quarter Advisers offers strategic best practices and coaching services and solutions for wealth advisors and their clients. Mr. DiLeonardi speaks regularly at meetings across North America and strives to equip attendees with the skills and creative thinking needed for enhancing their overall businesses and personal lives. Previously, Tony was vice chairman at Guggenheim Investments and earlier, Vice Chair, senior managing director of distribution, at Claymore Securities, Inc., an exchange traded fund (ETF), Closed-end Fund specialist that was acquired by Guggenheim Partners. Before that, Mr. DiLeonardi served as a regional sales director for First Trust Portfolios and national sales manager in Canada for First Trust. He co-authored the book The $14 Trillion Woman. His second book, Face to Face: Creating lifelong & multigenerational planning was just released. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Illinois State University. Mr. DiLeonardi is a Registered Corporate Coach. About Third Quarter Advisers, LLC Third Quarter Advisers is an organization committed to serving the wealth professional who is seeking to be a trusted advisor to the high-net worth client as they create, protect and transfer wealth and legacy for the clients they serve. We do this by identifying and enhancing Purpose, Passion, Perspective and Performance in the life of the trusted wealth advisor and distribute relevant content, coaching and community to assist the wealth professional in building a more productive business, deeper relationships and a more efficient practice.

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