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If there’s one thing that 2018 has taught us, it’s that volatility is a part of life when it comes to investing.

The last few years of non-existent market jumpiness were really an anomaly. Today, the market’s ups and downs are actually the more typical environment. Stocks don’t always climb up in an absolute straight line.

That’s a painful lesson to relearn for many retirees or those nearing their golden years. After all, younger investors have plenty of time to ride out the market’s volatility. For someone already withdrawing from their retirement accounts, dips in the market can lock in losses and ruin carefully laid income plans.

So, is there an answer for these investors? How can you fight the market’s gyrations while still getting competitive returns? The answer may be in using dedicated ETFs for just that purpose. Low volatility funds could be the much-needed Dramamine for your portfolio.

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