Founded in 2001, Spinnaker Trust is a trust company based in Portland, Maine. We serve families and institutions all across the country—all with something in common. Our clients want personal service, expert advice, long-term relationships and a reason to come to Portland now and then to eat in our great restaurants and see the beautiful Maine coast. We all have chosen to live and work in this great city and state for many reasons. Not the least of which is the great outdoors and the culture of hard work and hard play. We do not leave our values at the door. We strive to offer our clients’ portfolios that match their cares and concerns, including a flagship Fossil Fuel Free portfolio. Lastly, but top of our minds, is picking the ‘best-in-class’ technology and data security partners. We could not do our jobs without committed partners helping us to offer you the best possible client experience. This is a firm wide, top-down, core value.

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