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This EM High-Yield Bond ETF Now Matters

Fixed income investors searching for yield in excess of what’s offered by U.S. government debt...


Survey: Advisors Rejecting ETF Issuer Reps

A recent survey of advisors here at ETF Trends and ETF Database suggests that the traditional...


Investors May Look to Emerging Market Bond ETFs to Enhance Yields

As global rates retreated, more investors are looking into emerging market bonds and related ETFs...


Bonds Still Lead the Charge as Coronavirus Fears Persist

A sustained flight to safety via bonds is persisting as coronavirus fears continue to roil the...


High-Yield Prospects: February 19 Edition

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive income opportunities. The high-yield...


2020 May See $1T in Inflows Globally into Fixed Income Funds

2019 was a good year for fixed income funds and 2020 could see another banner performance with an...


Gold Is Having a Cooler February So Far

While U.S. stocks continue to charter record highs, the gold market has been languishing lately.


Being Careful With Corporate Bonds

Not surprisingly, low interest rates are compelling corporate borrowers to refinance old bonds...


PGIM Ultra Short Bond ETF Moves Into $1 Billion Club

Today’s low-yield environment is increasing the allure of high-yielding fixed-income assets, but...


Traders Scouting Protection With High-Flying GLD ETF

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, gold ETFs, such as the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD A-)and theSPDR Gold...


Gold ETFs Gets Boost As Coronavirus Concerns Return

After four days of massive gains in the stock indices, markets pulled back on Friday, giving gold...


Hold Duration Risk in Today’s Low Yield Market with Bond ETFs

In the current interest rate environment, given the Federal Reserve’s turnaround from its...


Gotta Get Away With ETFMG’s New Tech ETF ‘AWAY’

Do more than just dream of the next vacation with an ETF focused on the companies that will make...


Investors Continually Rely on ETFs for Gold Exposure

As more investors turn to ETFs to access the markets, gold ETFs have become a go-to choice to...


Toyota’s Finance Company Offers 1st U.S. Green Bond

Aside from offering vehicles that leave less of a carbon footprint, the automotive industry is...


Best & Worst Monthly Performers: February 12 Edition

Here is a look at the 25 best and 25 worst ETFs from the past week. Traders can use this list to...


Is Junk Bond Market Heading to Ultra-Risky Territory?

Wall Street is sounding the bell on the high yield debt market as investors’ appetite for yield...


Suit Up With Armor Index ETFs’ New Equity Index ETF ‘ARMR’

Today, Armor Index ETFs, an innovative new provider of indices designed to protect against...


A Pair of Municipal Bond ETFs for High-Income Investors

In the current bond market environment, low yields are causing high-income investors to look in...


Sustainable Investing Comes to Municipal Bond ETFs

Sustainable investing is much more than a new buzz phrase in the investment community. It comes...


Analyst Says Bond Rush May Intensify Amid Coronavirus Fears

The coronavirus concerns continue to roil the markets with a heavy dose of volatility, which has...


Sell on the Pop Prospects: February 6 Edition

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive short selling opportunities.

The ETFs...


This ETF Offers a Great Deal on High-Yield Bonds

Investors looking to embrace high-yield corporate for income-generating and portfolio...


Direxion Launches 3 ETFs To Speed Growth for Long-Term Investors

Direxion launched three new ETFs today as part of an acceleration of fund offerings to help...


First Trust Launches New Arbitrage ETF ‘MARB’

First Trust Advisors L.P., a leading ETF provider and asset manager, announced today that it has...

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Thematic Investing Channel

This Renewable Energy ETF Still Shines

Renewable energy ETFs are standing out this year and the SPDRKensho Clean PowerETF(CNRG) is one...

ETF Building Blocks Channel

Fabulous Fundamentals Brighten Outlook for Healthcare

The ALPSMedical Breakthroughs ETF (SBIO ) is higher by almost 39% over the past 90 days....

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This ETF Screens S&P 500 for ESG Exposure

Getting environmental, social and governance (ESG) exposure has proven its mettle even amid the...