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Recent Content By Evan Harp
Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Gold’s Next Five to Ten Years Look Positive

Gold is having its best month in over a year, says Sprott Asset Management CEO Peter Grosskopf, ...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

As Investors Warm to ESG, Gold Miners Do the Same

With investors increasingly putting their resources in companies that focus on ESG, the mining...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

In a Climate-Oriented World, Silver Could Win the Gold

According to Incrementum’s 15th annual “In Gold We Trust” report, silver might be “the main...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Precious Metals and the Matter of Inflation

Inflation talk is everywhere.

Dividend Channel

The 3 ETFs Boasting the Highest Dividend Yields

Investors looking for immediate, yet diversified, boosts to their income can look toward ETFs...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Small Caps Mean Large Upside for Gold Mining ETFs

Traditionally, small cap companies come with more risk and volatility than their mid- and...

Dividend Channel

High Yield vs. Dividend Growth: Choosing Between the Two

With so many different flavors of dividend ETFs available, investors can often be overwhelmed by...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Palladium Just Keeps on Rising

Palladium is approaching a $3,000 price and trading near record highs. With demand looking to...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

As Investors Flee Crypto, Gold ETFs Hold Strong

Investors are pulling out of crypto and putting their money into gold ETFs, writes gold...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

The ICMM Is Pushing for Cleaner, Safer Mining Vehicles

The International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) is leading an initiative among 28 of the...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Platinum and Palladium Prices Soar

Both platinum and palladium had strong performances in 2020 and will continue to trend upward...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Takeaways from Newmont Mining's Q1 Report

Thanks to higher gold prices, Newmont Mining Corp saw $2.9 billion in revenue, a quarterly...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

As Gold Inches Upwards, Bitcoin Stumbles

Gold is making a comeback. Despite speculation that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

As the Mining Sector Heats Up, Look to Healthy Margins

With record margins and healthy cash flow in 2020, the mining sector is in position for a strong...

Gold & Silver Investing Channel

Why Silver Prices Could Surge in 2021

Silver prices are poised to surge 30% this year as global demand for the metal increases,...

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Core Strategies Channel

Value ETFs Strengthen on New Jobs Data

Value stocks and related exchange traded funds climbed Thursday as strong economic data and a...

Innovative ETFs Channel

Why Healthcare Service Funds Could Continue to Rally

Hospital stocks and sector-related exchange traded funds are outperforming this year after the...

Model Portfolio Channel - ETF Database

WisdomTree Releases U.S. Growth & Momentum Fund, WGRO

On Thursday, WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (WETF), an exchange traded fund (ETF) and...