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Ben Hernandez is a channel editor at ETF Trends and ETF Database where he creates content on a variety of financial news topics. Ben has written for both digital and print media, developing content on a wide range of subjects, such as real estate, public policy and sports.

Recent Content By Ben Hernandez
Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Leveraged ETFs For Q2 Of 2019

With market volatility on the rise due to heightened tensions from the U.S. trade beef with...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Emerging Markets Might Be Down, but They’re Not Out

The U.S.-China trade war is certainly injecting a dose of distaste for certain markets and one in...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Russia Tops Emerging Markets Equities ETFs Leaderboard

During the first quarter, economic growth in Russia missed forecasts and slowed to its weakest...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Up the Energy Ante With These 4 Leveraged ETFs

Oil prices retreated recently as traders are eagerly anticipating the release of inventory data....

Relative Value Investing Channel

US Equities: Taking Flight on Latest Market Correction?

Investors can breathe a collective sigh of relieve after seeing U.S. equities racked thanks to...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

ETFs to Consider as Gold Prices Teeter on Fragility

After the last week’s volatility-laden performances in the major indexes, it might seem that...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Small Caps Are Not An Ideal Safe Haven During Trade War

For investors looking for ideal safe haven assets during the U.S.-China trade war are better off...

In the know why investors must be strategic in 2019

In the Know: Why Investors Must Be Strategic in 2019

With the first quarter of 2019 in the books, investors are looking at a capital market...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

‘UBOT’ ETF Gains Would Make a Robot Exhibit Emotions

While the majority of the capital markets are fixated on trade wars, the Robotics & AI Bull...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Goldman Sachs Dials Back Emerging Markets Exposure

The U.S.-China trade war is certainly injecting a dose of distaste for certain markets and one in...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Now is the Time to Get Defensive with ‘RWDC’ ETF

So what did investors do when the markets were awash in volatile-laden sell-offs the last week as...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Leveraged Homebuilder ‘NAIL’ ETF Builds Big 2019 Gains

Someone forgot to tell the Direxion Daily Homebuilders and Supplies Bull and Bear 3X Shares (NAIL...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Leveraged 3X ETFs Thrived Amid Trade War Volatility

If the U.S.-China trade wars taught investors anything last week, it’s the notion that it’s...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Is Bigger Better When the Market is Volatile?

The steady dose of recent volatility has begged the question of who sustained the most damage:...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Four 3X Leveraged Oil ETFs to Get Slick With Trading

The U.S.-China trade deal standoff has investors fretting as of late, but oil and gas operators...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Why U.S. Stocks Continue Leading

Over the past three years, the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV A), which tracks the benchmark...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Triple “QQQ” ETF Exposure Providing Dynamite Gains

The Nasdaq Composite’s short-term memory of its 4.36 percent loss in 2018 is warranted given its...

Relative Value Investing Channel

China Won’t "Swallow Bitter Fruit" in US Trade Spat

The ongoing saga known as the U.S.-China trade negotiations is already taking an even more...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Trade War Fears Stymie Potential Gains for Oil Prices

A surprise fall in U.S. crude stockpiles should’ve translated into strength for oil prices, but...

U.s.%20markets%20weaken%20ahead%20of%20u.s. china%20trade%20meet
Relative Value Investing Channel

China Threatens 'Necessary Countermeasures' On Tariffs

China responded to the latest tariff threats by U.S. President Donald Trump by promising to take...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

4 ETFs to Trade Consumer Discretionary, Staples Sectors

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 473 points. For investors who are...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Large Caps, Small Caps Almost Neck and Neck in April

Year-to-date performance for U.S. equities have been fueling both large cap and small cap stocks,...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

6 Leveraged Oil ETFs Traders Need to Know

Oil prices slid to a one-month low last week as the markets continued to absorb last Wednesday’s...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Downsize to Small Cap Equities Strength with ‘RWSL’ ETF

Will small cap equities react more positively to the latest central bank move as the markets...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

The Robots Are Coming via The ‘UBOT’ ETF

Over 240 years ago, Paul Revere made his legendary midnight ride to warn his fellow compatriots...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Getting Defensive When the Fed Pauses on Interest Rates

On Wednesday, while the central bank elected to keep interest rates static, the markets dipped...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Hitting a Home Run With The 'RAAX' ETF

The price of gold is lingering under $1,300, but the latest decision to keep rates unchanged...

10%20emerging%20market%20etfs%20via%20quant based%20evaluations
Relative Value Investing Channel

10 Emerging Market ETFs Via Quant-Based Evaluations

For more portfolio diversification, investors can include more emerging markets ETFs as part of...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

10 Leveraged ETFs With Biggest YTD Fund Flows

Even with positive vibes reverberating through the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite, it would be...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Portfolio+ ETFs Make Leaps & Bounds in 2019

Earnings week can exhibit bouts of volatility that make it ripe for traders, but those who want...

Get%20anti defensive%20with%20relative%20value%20etf%20%27rwcd%27
Relative Value Investing Channel

Get Anti-Defensive With Relative Value ETF 'RWCD'

After stumbling out of the 2018, investors are seeing better results for U.S. equities in 2019,...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Leveraged 3X ETFs Up 100%+ YTD

Leveraged and inverse products have given investors access to an investment space that was...

Relative Value Investing Channel

10 Biggest International Equity ETFs by AUM

The U.S. economy rebounded in the first quarter of 2019 despite a downtrodden fourth quarter to...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

20 Precious Metals ETFs to Diversify a Portfolio

Precious metals like gold can provide investors with the uncorrelated diversification of their...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Global Upside Potential, Downside Protection in One ETF

The adage of “no risk, no reward” is often circulated through the capital markets when it comes...

10%20best%20performing%20ytd%20small cap%20etfs%20%7c%20etf%20database
Relative Value Investing Channel

10 Best Performing YTD Small-Cap ETFs

First-quarter earnings have fueled record closings for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite, but...

Tactical Allocation Channel

5 Surging Semiconductor ETFs Up 30%+ YTD

With semiconductor stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) roaring higher this year, some funds...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

3 Transportation ETFs on the Move in 2019

The Dow Jones Transportation Average is outpacing the Dow Jones Industrial Average by about 4...

Tactical Allocation Channel

ETF Virtual Summit Attendees Foresee Positive Trends

The fall of 1988 saw “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin climb the music charts, which was...

Thematic Investing Channel

Survey: Advisors Are Talking About Disruptive Tech ETFs

FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) stocks were all the rage at the height of last...

Thematic Investing Channel

15 Biggest Artificial Intelligence ETFs By AUM

Whether society is ready for it or not, artificial intelligence is just one of the various types...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Large Cap, Cyclical ETFs in Focus During Busy Earnings Week

The crux of first-quarter earnings will take place this week, which could sway sector-specific...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Why Market Volatility Remains the #1 Investor Concern

The image of the fourth-quarter volatility in 2018 must be firmly etched in investors’ minds as...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Oil Soars on Trump Ending Iran Sanction Waivers

Oil climbed on Monday following U.S. President Donald Trump ending waivers on companies wishing...

Tactical Allocation Channel

5 Hedge Fund Replication Strategy ETFs to Consider

Most might consider 13 to be an unlucky number, but for hedge funds, it marks the best first...

5%20best performing%20leveraged%20etfs%20year to date
Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Best-Performing Leveraged ETFs Year-to-Date

As the first quarter of 2019 drew to a close, leveraged ETF traders saw oil and technology take...

Thematic Investing Channel

Global X Debuts Cloud Computing Space ETF 'CLOU'

You can’t see it, but the impact of cloud computing can be felt as more companies are utilizing...

5%20best performing%20inverse%20etps%20year to date
Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Best-Performing Inverse ETPs Year-to-Date

With the rise in U.S. equities so far in 2019, it’s difficult to be a contrarian, but traders are...

Relative Value Investing Channel

5 Pairs of ETFs to Play for Current Market Landscape

With trade wars, interest rates and fears of a global economic slowdown weighing on the minds of...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Large Cap and Growth Highlight Relative Value Themes

As U.S. equities continue to seek retribution from a challenging fourth quarter in 2018, there...

Relative Value Investing Channel

Can Large Cap ETFs Maintain Relative Strength Vs Small?

Large cap equities could be entering overbought territory versus small cap equities, but how this...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

3 ETFs to Watch if Oil Reaches $80 This Summer

Global investment bank RBC Capital Markets is expecting more increases in oil prices, going as...

Thematic Investing Channel

3 ETFs to Consider If U.S.-China Trade Deal Has Cloud Computing Concession

Per a Bloomberg report, U.S.-China trade deal negotiations now include the addition of a cloud...

Tactical Allocation Channel

4 ETFs to Consider with Big Pharma on Senate’s Hot Seat

Big pharmaceutical companies were on the hot seat at Capital Hill today with CVS Health, Cigna,...


Return of Volatility is a Beautiful Thing to Traders

When volatility rears its ugly head as it did on Tuesday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average...


Look to International Markets for Income Opportunities

2019 is seeing a strong start for U.S. equities, but with a number of analysts warning investors...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Dow Slips on Earnings Pessimism, Slowing Global Growth

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as much as 200 points on Tuesday as corporate earnings...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Gold ETFs Tick Higher as China Adds Metals to Reserves

Despite news of a trade deal swirling with the U.S., China is shoring up its reserves of gold...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Strategize Your Exposure to China ETFs Before Diving In

With all the trade talk news inundating the media, it’s easy for investors to get caught up in...

Tactical Allocation Channel

China ETFs Surge on ‘Constructive’ Trade Talks in Beijing

China country-specific ETFs were among the best performers Friday as investors regained...

Tactical Allocation Channel

White House Advisor: Fed Should Cut Rates “Immediately”

U.S. President Donald Trump isn’t happy with the Federal Reserve simply keeping rates unchanged...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Markets Rise as Inverted Yield Curve Fears Ease

Investor fears of an inverted yield curve have been sending the markets on a volatile ride the...


Expert: Gold Euphoria Is “Justified”

In 2018, rising interest rates that coincided with an extended bull run in U.S. equities for most...


A Mid-Cap ETF to Capture Upside and Defend Against the Downside

After investors were basking in the sun of an extended bull market, the perils of investing have...

Why%20gldm%20is%20a%20cost effective%20etf%20for%20accessing%20gold

Why GLDM Is A Cost-Effective ETF for Accessing Gold

For many investors, gold is the standard in precious metal investing, which has become more...

Tactical Allocation Channel

An Interest Rate Cut is Not in the Cards Just Yet

The capital markets are just a week removed from the U.S. Federal Reserve keeping rates steady,...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

Oil Crosses $60 Mark, Leveraged ETF Rises

Oil prices crossed the $60 mark on Tuesday, providing the wind in the sails for the Direxion...

Thematic Investing Channel

While Most IPOs Sputter, ‘IPO’ ETF Takes Off

The Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO C) is up 30.37 percent year-to-date, which might mean that initial...

Tactical Allocation Channel

Dow Climbs Over 200 Points as Recession Fears Ease

An inverted yield curve has been the cause of much angst the past week in the capital markets,...


As Investors Get More Defensive, Look to Gold, Miners, Metals ETFs

The Dow could record its fifth straight losing session today, but defensive-minded investors are...

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Core ETF Channel

Exploring Popular Thematic ETFs in Niche Markets

With all the broad market real estate already accounted for, ETF providers are honing in on...

Leveraged & Inverse ETF Channel

5 Leveraged ETFs For Q2 Of 2019

With market volatility on the rise due to heightened tensions from the U.S. trade beef with...

Tactical Allocation Channel

An Exciting Group of Chinese Stocks in This ETF

The US/China trade war has stung a variety of riskier assets, including stocks in the world’s...