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Recent Content By Lara Crigger
Innovative ETFs Channel

Kathy Kriskey: There’s Still Time to Invest in Commodities ETFs

Commodities have had a heck of a year so far. Between investor optimism over the reopening...

Worried about Inflation? Consider Royalty Companies, 'INFL'

The Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (INFL B-), which launched in January, quickly...

Dividend Channel

Ryan Krueger: How to Turn Dividend Growth into Your 'Freedom Day'

At first, Ryan Krueger doesn’t come off as particularly revolutionary. The co-founder and CEO of...

Retirement Income Channel

Curt Brockelman: Finding Income in a Low-Yield World with ‘NUSI’

Volatile equity markets can be scary for retirees—but for savvy investors, they can also be an...

Innovative ETFs Channel

Invesco Launches 3 Out Low-Cost Multi-Factor ETFs

On Wednesday June 30, Invesco launched three new low-cost ETFs that track multi-factor indices...


Roundhill Releases First-Of-Its-Kind Metaverse ETF, META

On June 30, Roundhill Investments, the issuer behind thematic tech funds like the Roundhill...

Active ETF Channel

Chris Dillon: Expect a "Sequenced," Not Synchronized Recovery

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: what happens next? As the global economy continues to...


ETFMG Launches Its First Leveraged, Inverse ETFs

On June 16, ETF Managers Group launched its first leveraged and inverse products, including a 2x...

Crypto Channel

VanEck Files For First Ethereum ETF in US

On Friday, VanEck filed for the first ethereum ETF in the U.S., a companion application to their...

Crypto Channel

Racing to the First Bitcoin ETF

Eight years ago, the first Bitcoin ETF application was filed. Then rejected. Then filed for...

Acruence Capital Launches First ETF, XVOL

On Thursday, ETF newcomer Acruence Capital launched its first fund, the Acruence Active Hedge...

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Innovative ETFs Channel

Can Small Caps Sustain Their Rally in H2 2021?

The first half rally in small caps doesn’t appear to be running out of steam, which could...

Model Portfolio Channel - ETF Database

Why Quality Matters with Small Caps

Factor leadership is constantly changing, but one of the great things about the quality factor is...

ETF Building Blocks Channel

'ACES' Solar Components Face Earnings Tests

The ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES) and other renewable energy funds languished in the first half of...