SPDR S&P Biotech ETF

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Issuer State Street
Brand SPDR
Structure ETF
Expense Ratio 0.35%
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Inception Jan 31, 2006

Analyst Report

XBI is one of a handful of biotech ETFs available, offering exposure to a corner of the market that can perform well during periods of consolidation and is capable of big jumps in the event of major drug approvals. XBI focuses on a narrow sector of the health care sector, and as such is probably too precise for most investors seeking to construct a long-term portfolio. However, this ETF can be useful for those seeking to fine tune exposure or for those bullish on the sector over the long run. XBI focuses exclusively on American stocks, and primarily consists of mid cap and small cap securities. XBI’s portfolio is somewhat limited, though the equal-weighted methodology of the underlying index ensures that assets are balanced across all components. That feature can be particularly important in the biotech space, where specific companies are capable of turning in big gains over short periods of time. PBE and IBB are other ETF options for biotech exposure; those considering this sector should take a close look at depth of exposure and weighing methodology, as these factors can have a major impact on the risk and return profiles achieved.

ETF Database Themes

Asset Class Equity
Asset Class Size Multi-Cap
Asset Class Style Growth
Sector (General) Healthcare
Sector (Specific) Biotechnology
Region (General) North America
Region (Specific) U.S.

FactSet Classifications

Segment Equity: U.S. Biotechnology
Category Sector
Focus Health Care
Niche Biotechnology
Strategy Equal
Weighting Scheme Equal

Trading Data

Open - Volume -
Day Lo - Day Hi -
  • Open
  • Volume
  • Day Lo
  • Day Hi
  • 52 Week Lo $61.78
  • 52 Week Hi $120.53
  • AUM $7,760.6 M
  • Shares 95.8 M

Historical Trading Data

  • 1 Month Avg. Volume 10,748,521
  • 3 Month Avg. Volume 11,004,423

Alternative ETFs in the ETF Database Health & Biotech Equities Category

Type Symbol Expense Ratio Assets Avg. Daily Vol YTD Return
Cheapest FHLC 0.08% $3.1 B 168,085 -5.51%
Largest (AUM) XLV 0.10% $41.9 B 9 M -2.13%
Most Liquid (Volume) XLV 0.10% $41.9 B 9 M -2.13%
Top YTD Performer FTXH 0.60% $42.5 M 12,265 2.26%

Alternative ETFs in the FactSet Equity: U.S. Biotechnology Segment

Type Symbol Expense Ratio Assets Avg. Daily Vol YTD Return
Cheapest IBB 0.44% $8.9 B 2 M -12.27%
Largest (AUM) IBB 0.44% $8.9 B 2 M -12.27%
Most Liquid (Volume) IBB 0.44% $8.9 B 2 M -12.27%
Top YTD Performer BBP 0.79% $16.9 M 1,077 -1.56%

Top 15 Holdings

Concentration Analysis

This section compares how balanced and deep this ETF is relative to its peers.

Holdings Comparison

XBI ETF Database Category Average FactSet Segment Average
Number of Holdings 153 93 127
% of Assets in Top 10 13.95% 43.91% 35.85%
% of Assets in Top 15 20.14% 56.88% 47.24%
% of Assets in Top 50 55.66% 90.95% 85.67%

Size Comparison

XBI ETF Database Category Average FactSet Segment Average
Large (>12.9B) 14.99% 49.79% 34.20%
Mid (>2.7B) 24.13% 23.40% 29.86%
Small (>600M) 51.91% 19.20% 32.53%
Micro (<600M) 8.91% 4.92% 3.21%

XBI Valuation

This section compares the P/E ratio of this ETF to its peers.

P/E Ratio
ETF Database Category Average
P/E Ratio
FactSet Segment Average
P/E Ratio

XBI Dividend

This section compares the dividend yield of this ETF to its peers.

XBI ETF Database Category Average FactSet Segment Average
Dividend $ 0.04 $ 0.17 $ 0.05
Dividend Date 2021-03-22 N/A N/A
Annual Dividend Rate $ 0.22 $ 0.42 $ 0.09
Annual Dividend Yield 0.17% 0.36% 0.07%

XBI Price and Volume Charts

View charts featuring XBI price and volume data.

XBI Fund Flows Charts

View charts featuring ETF fund flow data.

5 Day Net Flows: -198.27 M 1 Month Net Flows: 720.95 M 3 Month Net Flows: 633.34 M 6 Month Net Flows: 1.11 B 1 Year Net Flows: 3.3 B 3 Year Net Flows: 4.81 B 5 Year Net Flows: 4.75 B 10 Year Net Flows: 6.71 B

XBI Price vs Flows AUM Influence Charts

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