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Cory Mitchell is a proprietary trader and Chartered Market Technician specializing in short-to-medium term technical strategies. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to trader education and market analysis. After graduating with a business degree in finance, Mitchell has been trading multiple markets and educating traders since 2005. He is widely published and is a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the Market Technicians Association. His free weekend newsletter is available at

Recent Content By Cory Mitchell
ETF Trading Strategies

12 Cheap ETFs Every Trader Must Know

The popularity of ETFs for their transparency, diversity across asset classes and low fees has...

ETF Trading Strategies

13 ETFs Every Options Trader Must Know

On most days, ETFs are among the most heavily-traded names in the investing world. This is a sure...

ETF Trading Strategies

3 Simple Momentum Trading Strategies Using ETFs

Momentum traders looking for strong price movements to jump in on have embraced ETFs for their...

ETF Trading Strategies

7 Rules for Day Trading ETFs

ETFs have been embraced by buy-and-hold investors and active traders alike for their unparalleled...

Currency ETFs

Currency Trading with ETFs for EUR, USD & More

ETFs have opened up the doors to previously hard-to-reach corners of the market, including...

ETF Trading Strategies

Fibonacci Extensions: How to Find Turning Points

With ETFs available for almost every financial niche imaginable, more and more traders are...

ETF Trading Strategies

Fibonacci Retracements: How to Find Entry Points

A growing number of traders are looking to technical analysis tools to help them trade the ETF...

ETF Trading Strategies

How ETF Traders Can Use the VIX Index

Investors and traders alike have surely run across the Volatility Index, commonly referred to as...

ETF Investing

How to Hedge with ETFs: An Guide

ETFs have rightfully earned the approval of countless buy-and-hold investors, as these financial...

ETF Trading Strategies

How to Use a Pairs Trading Strategy with ETFs

Pairs trading is a dynamic trading strategy any ETF trader can add to their playbook. Some...

Fixed Income ETFs

Preferred Stock ETFs: 3 Things to Know

Preferred stocks are just one popular market segment accessible through ETFs. Almost every corner...

ETF Trading Strategies

The 5 ETF Chart Patterns You Need to Know

Chart patterns are a useful tool because they occur regularly, offering investors many trade...

Currency ETFs

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Currency ETFs

As the number of currency ETFs available grows (along with retail involvement), there are a...

ETF Trading Strategies

How to Swing Trade ETFs

While the long-term buy-and-hold strategy is favored by many more passive investors, savvy and...

ETF Trading Strategies

How to Take Profits and Cut Losses When Trading ETFs

Finding the right ETF to buy or sell is only half the battle; having a disciplined exit strategy...

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