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Brenton Garen is editor-in-chief of ETF Trends, responsible for leading the editorial direction and digital initiatives of all products. He moved to the U.S. from Australia after receiving a B.A. in journalism from the Queensland University of Technology. Previously, Brenton was executive editor of Mirror Media Group in Los Angeles, where he oversaw five newspaper publications.

Recent Content By Brenton Garen
Thematic Investing Channel

An ETF For China’s Digital Advertising Boom

As China’s Internet market, which is already home to more users than there are people living in...

Solar%20etf%20higher%20by%20nearly%2030%20percent%20year to date
Thematic Investing Channel

Solar ETF Higher by Nearly 30% Year-to-Date

The Invesco Solar ETF (TAN B), the largest exchange traded fund dedicated to solar equities, is...

Thematic Investing Channel

'PAVE' ETF Focused on U.S. Infrastructure Companies

Infrastructure spending is seen as one of the rare nonpartisan issues politicians consider and...

Thematic Investing Channel

A Different Idea for Gold Miners Exposure

Gold miners exchange traded funds are rallying this year. One of the overlooked options in that...

Thematic Investing Channel

Software Stocks are Pushing Tech’s 2019 Rebound

Technology stocks and ETFs are among the broader markets leadership groups this years. Software...

Thematic Investing Channel

'FONE' Smartphone ETF Will Become a 5G Fund

A dedicated 5G ETF debuted earlier this month, but one issuer is reshaping an existing ETF into a...

Thematic Investing Channel

Emerging Market Resurgence Can Thank China ETFs

China ETFs are playing pivotal roles in this year’s emerging markets resurgence. One of those...

Thematic Investing Channel

Will Energy Sector ETFs Rally Again?

The Energy Select Sector SPDR (XLE A), the largest equity-based energy exchange traded fund, is...

Thematic Investing Channel

VanEck eSports ETF ESPO is Onto Something Big

The VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF (ESPO n/a), debuted last October as the second...

Thematic Investing Channel

11 China ETFs to Access Hot Chinese Sectors

When it comes to sector ETFs, many investors solely focus on domestic offerings, but there are...


Goldman Sachs, Motif Launch 5 ETFs That Invest in Next Wave of Innovation

Whether society is ready or not, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, or any...

Shutterstock 745934506
Thematic Investing Channel

5 Thematic ETFs to Enhance Your Investment Portfolio

When creating a diversified investment portfolio, ETF investors should consider how thematics can...

Shutterstock 630626171
Thematic Investing Channel

A Nifty Way to Navigate Multi-Factor ETFs

Hundreds of new ETFs debuted in 2018, including a wide range of smart beta strategies. Plenty of...

Shutterstock 615050396
Thematic Investing Channel

Mobile Payments a Major Catalyst for Fintech ETF 'FINX'

The Global X FinTech Thematic ETF FINX (FINX n/a), the first exchange traded fund dedicated to...


QQQ, DIA, SPY ETFs Struggle to Find Direction

Major U.S. benchmarks and stock ETFs muddled along without direction Tuesday as lingering...

Shutterstock 690175807
Thematic Investing Channel

MercadoLibre Q4 Results Help Lift Argentina ETFs

While most of the market slipped on Wednesday, Argentina country-specific exchange traded funds...


Defiance ETFs Debuts ‘FIVG’ ETF to Capitalize on 5G Technology Advancements

Whether society is ready for it or not, disruptive technology like robotics, artificial...

Shutterstock 1154457493
Thematic Investing Channel

Access the AI Investing Revolution With 'BOTZ' ETF

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is real and investors can tap that rapidly growing...

Shutterstock 371623984
Thematic Investing Channel

Ageing Populations Bring Investment Opportunities

Data confirm populations in some of the world’s largest economies are getting older, a...


Trends Look Favorable for Gold ETFs

The SPDR Gold Shares GLD (GLD A-), the world’s largest gold ETF, and rival gold funds have been...


China ETFs Maintain Momentum on Hopes of Further Stimulus

China ETFs stood out Monday, with Chinese markets rising to a nine-month high, as the country’s...


Biotech ETF Strengthens on Optimism Over CRISPR Advancements

A targeted biotechnology ETF strategy jumped Friday after Editas Medicine (EDIT) announced fourth...

Cbd%20growth%20could%20long term%20catalyst%20for%20marijuana%20etf

CBD Growth Could be a Long-Term Catalyst for Marijuana ETF

Up nearly 45% this year, the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF MJ (MJ n/a) is one of 2019’s...


January Pending Home Sales Rise, but Real Estate ETF ‘VNQ’ Falls

Pending home sales rebounded during the month of January, but the Vanguard Real Estate ETF VNQ (...


Vanguard Launches Another Salvo in the Ongoing ETF Fee War

Vanguard Group has trimmed the fees on a handful of ETFs in the latest round of cost cutting on a...


Volatility Weighting: An Innovative Approach to Accessing Emerging Market Equities

Bumpy U.S.-China trade negotiations going awry can certainly send foreign markets spiraling in...


Fed Chair Acknowledges Potential Dangers Ahead for Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told a Senate committee on Tuesday that the economy is on...

Low volatility%20etfs%20are%20more%20than%20what%20they%20appear

Low-Volatility ETFs Are More Than What They Appear

Low volatility ETFs are gaining traction as a way to diversify risk, but investors should still...


Bitcoin May Not Need an ETF to Rally This Year

An ETF tied to bitcoin has yet to be approved by U.S. regulators, but some crypto market...


SoFi Plans First Zero Fee ETFs

Social Finance Inc., the online personal loan company also known as SoFi, is planning to...


Apple Stock Is Too Expensive for Warren Buffett

Even with a purported net worth of close to $90 billion, shares of Apple have apparently gotten...

A%20small cap%20etf%20star%20offers%20dividends%2c%20too

A Small-Cap ETF Star Offers Dividends, Too

Investors do not often think of small caps as being the land of rising dividends, but some ETFs...


Unique Tech ETF Reaches New Highs

Among the sector exchange traded funds hitting new highs Friday was the SPDR Kensho New Economies...


Italian Bonds Rise After Avoiding Downgrade from Fitch Ratings

Italian bonds surged on Monday after Fitch Ratings decided to keep the country’s bond ratings...


Are Defense Sector ETFs in the Crosshairs of Weakness?

Multinational investment bank Credit Suisse last week downgraded General Dynamics shares to...


Russell 1000 Growth ETF Leads Value Thus Far in 2019

During the market doldrums near the end of 2018, investors were typically better off discarding...


China ETFs Could Continue to Impress

The iShares China Large-Cap ETF FXI (FXI A-) and the iShares MSCI China ETF MCHI (MCHI A) are...


REIT ETFs: The Future is Now

Across multiple sectors, the trends of tomorrow are accessible and tangible today. The same is...


Cheap ETFs Are Nice, But Investors Are Looking for More

After a race to the bottom, ETF fees have more or less stabilized, with signs that investors are...

Existing%20home%20sales%20plunge%20to%203 year%20low

Existing Home Sales Plunge to 3-Year Low, Pushing ‘DRV’ Higher

Existing U.S. home sales hit their lowest level in three years last month, according to the...

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Thematic Investing Channel

An ETF For China’s Digital Advertising Boom

As China’s Internet market, which is already home to more users than there are people living in...

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High-Yield Prospects March 20 Edition

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive income opportunities. The high-yield...


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As the ETF industry grows and matures, investors are gravitating toward specific areas of...