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Christmas Karyl: Last Christmas

We brought our A game to the annual Christmas Karyl this year and created a music video for...

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Ammys Nominations Are Now Open

The holiday hustle and bustle is upon us and 2018 is quickly coming to a close. As we reflect on...

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for our annual acrostic poem to remind stakeholders in the MLP and...

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Mailbag: FERC, Reorgs, and Catalysts -- Three Popular MLP Questions with Three Simple Answers

I have a three-year-old little boy, and we’re at the stage where the ride to preschool is an...

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4Q17 MLP Distribution Recap: A Cut-Free Quarter

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions for 4Q17?

Below we have the quarter over...

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I’m Dreaming of a [Green] Christmas

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
Just like the...

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What Is OPEC and Why Should MLP Investors Care?

What is OPEC and why should MLP investors care?

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting...

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FAQs: The Ammys

What are The Ammys?

The Ammys are kind of like the Grammys, Oscars, or ESPYs, but for energy...

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Notable Cuts Raise Concern, But Most MLPs Maintained or Grew Distributions in 3Q 2017

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 3Q 2017?

Below we have the quarter over...

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Happy Thanksgiving Day 2017!

First, if you’re reading this, what’re you doing? Hiding from your family? Trying to get out of...

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The MLP Parity Act is Back! Fourth Time’s a Charm?

What is the MLP Parity Act and why does it matter?

In a volatile political world where it feels...

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What Do Electric Vehicles Mean for MLPs?

Will widespread use of electric vehicles decrease oil demand in the near future?

Innovation can...

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Higher Than Expected GORs In the Permian Mean MLP Infrastructure Opportunities

Where is all the Permian gas going?

When my brother-in-law married my sister, both she and her...

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MLPs in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Will Hurricane Harvey affect MLPs?

Driving down the Texas coast at night reminds me of being a...

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Cut Free Quarter: MLP Distribution Recap 2Q 2017

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 2Q 2017?

Below we have the quarter over...

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MLP Gas Pipeline Projects Near Approval

The FERC has a quorum. Now what?

We’ve had our eye on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission...

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How Trump’s Fracking Rule Repeal Affects MLPs

I heard Trump is trying to repeal Obama’s fracking rule. What does this mean for MLPs?


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The Next Generation of MLP IPOs

My son has a little plastic “fun bus” that is his most prized possession. The fun bus has been...

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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Examining the MLP Yield to Treasuries Spread

Do you have an updated yield spread chart?

Almost two years ago, I wrote a post about the ...

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How Alerian Chooses Energy MLP Classifications

What is the Energy MLP Classification Standard (EMCSSM)?

First introduced in January 2016, the ...

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Waiting on a Quorum: Why New Natural Gas Pipeline Projects Aren’t Getting Approved

When will the FERC be able to approve natural gas pipeline projects again?

In early February,...

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Takeaways From PAA’s Analyst Day

Last week, I attended the Plains All American Pipeline (PAA) analyst day. It was held at Minute...

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MLP Distribution Recap 1Q17: Still Recovering One Year After the Bottom

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 1Q 2017?

Well, the first quarter of...

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Permania: Why the Permian Is Where the Party At

Why is everyone talking about the Permian?

The Permian Basin is primarily located in West Texas...

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Visual Data: MLP Treemaps 2.0

In 2014, we took all the energy MLPs and dumped them into a rectangle. We then broke the...

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Finding MLP Maintenance Expenditures

How do I find out how much my favorite is MLP is spending to maintain its assets?

This might be...

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How Pipeline Companies Strive for Safety

Are pipelines safe?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Energy Transfer...

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Is Increased Fuel Efficiency a Risk to MLPs?

Could decreased fuel consumption lead to lower cash flows for MLPs?

Last week contained lots of...

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Energizing American Maritime Act: A Way to Energize Employment?

How could the recently introduced bill requiring 30% of US LNG and crude oil to be exported on a...

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MLP Distribution Recap: 4Q16

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 4Q 2016?

It’s time for your quarterly...

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Trump Up to BAT

Why is everyone talking about the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)?

The year was 1986. Top Gun was...

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How Trump Is Changing the Face of the FERC

How is the FERC impacted by the change in administration?

The Federal Energy Regulatory...

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Despite Trump’s Freeze, Regulations for MLP Qualifying Income Are Finalized

What do I need to know about the final regulations on qualifying income?

If you’ve been...

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MLPs Sit at the Head of the Table

Our Periodic Table of Performance is one of our top 5 most requested charts. Maybe it’s because...

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Alerian Rebalancings: What Happens to MLPs That Are Removed?

In my last post discussing the Alerian Effect, we talked about what happens to an MLP that is...

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Jingle Bells: The MLP-Related Verses You Might Not Hear on the Radio

It’s that time again, friends. Time for the annual Christmas Karyl. This year, it’s to the tune...

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Alerian Rebalancings: What Happens to MLPs That Are Added?

It’s been a little over a year since we last talked about the Alerian Effect. If you’re...

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Trading Days to Exit: The Sequel

In August of 2014, we looked at liquidity of MLPs. The point of the original post was to help...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Alerian! Please enjoy our acrostic poem that highlights some...

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MLP Distribution Recap: 3Q16

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 3Q 2016?

I received feedback that my 2Q...

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Trump’s America: MLPs Gain Following Election

How did MLPs respond in the wake of Trump’s election?

Let’s face it, unless your name is...

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Why Foreign Ownership in MLPs Is Up 300% Over the Last 10 Years

Can investors outside the US own MLPs?

Yep. Foreign investors are welcome to be unitholders,...

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What Is Fractionation and Why Should I Care?

What is fractionation?

If you read my article from last week, I talked about gas processing in...

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Not All MLP Assets Are Toll Road-Esque: Understanding Gas Processing With Cap’n Crunch

What is gas processing and what kinds of contracts are related to this line of business?


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Why MLPs Aren’t a Dying Breed and Why More Regulation Boosts The Value of Existing Pipelines

Last week, I attended the Energy Infrastructure Summit hosted by Vinson & Elkins and Tudor,...

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First MLP IPO in 14 Months, Is This the Start of a New Beginning?

I heard there was finally an MLP IPO this year. Will you talk about the IPO and review MLP IPO...

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The Dakota Access Pipeline: Desperately Needed or Devastatingly Destructive?

Why is everyone talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline?

There are two sides to every story...

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Jerry Jones, Mrs. Jones, and the Jones Act

What’s the Jones Act and how does it relate to MLPs?

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I...

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Final MLP Regulation Rumblings From the IRS

What’s the latest with MLP private letter rulings and when will we have the final updates to the...

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MLP Distribution Recap: 2Q16

How many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in Q2 2016?

As I’ve mentioned before, MLP...

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Can Midstream Contracts Survive Bankruptcy Court?

What is horizontal privity and why is it important?

It’s Saturday night. By a miracle, your...

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Fact or Fiction? MLPs Have Been Unable to Issue Equity

Which large cap MLPs have recently issued equity?

Here’s the dill pickles: not issuing equity...

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The Future of Oil Pipeline Tariffs

How much did oil pipeline tariffs change in July?

On Christmas Eve Eve of last year, I wrote a...

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Understanding MLP GP Models

What are the different types of MLP GP models?

On the heels of the Plains All American Pipeline...

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Pipelines in REITs? Real Estate in MLPs?

I’ve always associated real estate with REITs and pipelines with MLPs. Recently, I heard someone...

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SCOOP and STACK, Bend and Snap

What are the SCOOP and STACK?

I’ve heard the SCOOP and STACK mentioned several times since...

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Donald vs Hillary: The Energy Policy Debate

Donald Trump finally spoke about his energy policies. What did he say and how do his ideas...

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MLPs Have a Mexican Cousin?

MLPs have a Mexican cousin?

I have five first cousins that are awesome! We don’t get to see...

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Will MLPs Ever Take Their Crown Back?

Will MLPs ever take their crown back?

Up until recently, MLPs have been at the top of Alerian’s...

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MLPs Are Up 50 Percent Over the Past Four Months. What’s Next?

MLPs are up 50% over the past four months. What’s next?

At the beginning of this year, we...

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Distribution Growth: It’s a Lumpy Ride

The idea that the majority of MLPs have steady and growing distributions is firmly planted in...

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AMZ Anniversary Countdown: 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, AMZ!

We’re celebrating 10 years of the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ) by eating...

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What Is the International Energy Outlook for 2016?

What is the international energy outlook for 2016?

The reading schedule at my high school was ...

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Is There a Difference in the Permitting Process for Oil Pipelines Versus Natural Gas Pipelines?

Is there a difference in the permitting process for oil pipelines versus natural gas pipelines?...

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How Is Natural Gas Stored?

How is natural gas stored?

We get a box of diapers each month for our one-year-old son. The...

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How Has the Crude Oil Storage Landscape Changed Over the Last Year?

How has the crude oil storage landscape changed over the last year?

About a year ago, I wrote...

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How Has the Outlook for Midstream Infrastructure Changed Since 2014?

How has the outlook for midstream infrastructure changed since 2014?

The Dallas Stars are in...

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How Has Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban Affected the Market?

How has lifting the crude oil export ban affected the market?

You know how on crime shows when...

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Why Is the LNG Market Weak?

Why is the LNG market weak?

“You can never have too much of a good thing” is a phrase you’ve...

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Is This the Bottom of the Coal Cycle, or Is It the End of an Era?

Is this the bottom of the coal cycle, or is it the end of an era?

Times are tough for almost...

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Do You Have Historical MLP Classification Data?

I read about Alerian’s new Energy MLP Classification Standard (EMCSSM). Do you have historical...

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What Are Some Alternative Capitalization Strategies MLPs Can Employ in This Environment?

What are some alternative capitalization strategies MLPs can employ in this environment?


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What Are the Presidential Candidates Saying About Energy?

What are the presidential candidates saying about energy? How could their policies affect MLPs?...

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How Does Alerian Calculate Distribution Growth?

How do you calculate distribution growth?

If a slide could be awarded an Ammy for popularity,...

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If a Producer Goes Into Bankruptcy, How Will That Affect Midstream Contracts?

If a producer goes into bankruptcy, how will that affect existing midstream contracts?


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What Are Some Examples of Alternative Financing Options Available to MLPs?

What are some examples of alternative financing options available to MLPs?

15 years ago in a...

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What’s the Update on Fracking?

My son started a new class at preschool last week. It only took one day of exposure to new germs...

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Free Pass to the Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference and Exhibition

Didn’t get exactly what you wanted this holiday? If you’re me, you now have a giant teddy bear...

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The 12 Days of MLP Christmas

Do you know how you feel kind of awkward when you’re being caroled to by a group of overly...

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Why Is the FERC Index Methodology Changing from PPI + 2.65% to PPI + 1.23%?

Why is the FERC index methodology changing from PPI + 2.65% to PPI + 1.23%?

As much as I’m sure...

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Kinder Morgan Announced a Distribution Cut. Will Other MLPs Do the Same?

Kinder Morgan announced a distribution cut. Will other MLPs do the same?

We’re pretty sure...

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Do I Have to Worry About UBTI If I Own an MLP ETF in an IRA?

Do I have to worry about UBTI if I own an MLP ETF in an IRA?

The short answer is no. But that...

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Is There Anything for MLP Investors to Be Thankful for This Year?

Is there anything for MLP investors to be thankful for this year?

Some years are better than...

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SXL and SUN Analyst Day: Togetherness, Tacos, and Taylor Swift

This time last year, I was eight months pregnant, crude oil prices were around $76 a barrel, and...

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Should MLP Investors Pay Attention to Inventory Data?

Should MLP investors pay attention to the weekly EIA/API oil inventory data, i.e. would a draw...

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Inaugural Ammy Awards

In honor of the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ), we are delighted to...

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Monday Mailbag: Keystone XL

I heard that Keystone XL did not receive approval. What does this mean for MLPs?

On Friday,...

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Monday Mailbag: When 89% Is Considered Failing

What happens if an MLP fails to meet Section 7704 income requirements?

Up until fifth grade, I’d...

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Monday Mailbag: How Do Incentive Distribution Rights Work?

I’ve heard people say a certain MLP is in the “high splits” or “50/50 splits” with its GP. If a...

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Free Pass to the Platts Oil and Gas Acquisition and Divestiture Outlook Conference

We are on fire with the giveaways this week. More weeks like this and we’ll be more popular than...

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Monday Mailbag: Why Gathering and Processing MLPs Might Be Sensitive to Commodity Prices

I’ve heard that gathering and processing MLPs have some sensitivity to commodity prices....

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Free Passes to the Tulsa MLP Conference

OOOOOKlahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain. That’s right y’all, Oklahoma has...

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Monday Mailbag: Am I or Am I Not Invested in Upstream MLPs?

What percentage of the Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index (AMZI) consists of upstream names?


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Monday Mailbag: How To, Part 2

If an MLP is expected to be removed from the AMZI, how many units of that MLP will need to be...

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Monday Mailbag: How To, Part 1

If an MLP is expected to be removed from the AMZ, how many units of that MLP will need to be...

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Monday Mailbag: The Bear Hug, the White Knight, and the Poison Pill

I read that Energy Transfer is attempting to takeover Williams. Are hostile takeovers common in...

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Monday Mailbag: What Happens to MLPs if the Crude Oil Export Ban Is Lifted?

I’ve heard that a bill is being fast tracked to allow crude exports. First, how likely do you...

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Monday Mailbag: List of MLPs

Where can I find a list of MLPs?

We keep a running list of all MLPs—energy, financial, other,...

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Monday Mailbag: Crude Oil Exports and Lunchroom Shenanigans

I heard that the US will soon be able to export crude oil to Mexico. Is this true?

Today marks...

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Monday Mailbag: Preseason

In a previous mailbag, you discussed how the Federal Register released proposed regulations on...

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Monday Mailbag: IDK About WTI

I keep hearing analysts comment on Brent, WTI, and LLS. What are they talking about?

And then...

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Monday Mailbag: RIC Flair

What is the difference between a RIC and a non-RIC fund?

As an eight-year-old, I had a secret...

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Monday Mailbag: Yield Spread

MLP yields are approaching 7%. How should I be interpreting this?

The below chart shows the...

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Monday Mailbag: Renovations and Reform

Do you think the beneficial tax status of MLPs will be eliminated?

My sister is the queen of...

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Monday Mailbag: YieldCos

What are YieldCos and why are they often compared to MLPs?

YieldCos and MLPs are often compared...

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Monday Mailbag: Couch Potato

What is the difference between firm and interruptible services?

Our Blue Merle Sheltie, Crosby,...

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Monday Mailbag: Tall Drink of Water

Does fracking poison our drinking water?

We’ve all been asked if we think the glass if half full...

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Monday Mailbag: Method to My Madness

The cat is out of the bag and they’ve spilled the beans: the IRS has issued the proposed...

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Happy Birthday, AMZ!

On June 1, 2006, Alerian launched the first real-time index to track MLP performance, the ...

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Monday Mailbag: Dividends, Price Return, and Total Return

In this post you walked through how index yield is calculated. Do you publish the AMZ index...

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Monday Mailbag: AMZ Yield Calculation

I’m lookingat the AMZ Values Spreadsheet. When will the yield reflect distribution increases?


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Monday Mailbag: May the 4th Be with You

What’s going on with crude oil storage?

Well, it’s happened. I’ve been married for two whole...

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Monday Mailbag: MLP Conflicts Committees

What are MLP conflicts committees and how do they work?

As our MLP 201 explains, MLPs generally...

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Monday Mailbag: When Convenience Is Confusing

I’ve noticed that a handful of MLPs own gas stations. I thought MLPs were not involved in retail...

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Monday Mailbag: I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

Texas has experienced nine earthquakes in the past month. Is this because of fracking?

It’s no...

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Monday Mailbag: Regulations and Rigamaroo

The IRS announced the end of the PLR pause. When will they release the newly proposed...

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Monday Mailbag: Marshall Islands

I often hear of the Marshall Islands in connection with MLPs. Where are the Marshall Islands?


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Just Happened: Deloitte National PTP Conference – Take Me Out to the Ballgame

At the beginning of September, two Japanese high schools played a 50-inning baseball gamethat...

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Monday Mailbag: We Have Liftoff

Wait, you mean you have indices beyond the AMZ?

Yes indeed. While the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ) is...